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Hose Clips

Hose clips are vital for ensuring tight and leak-free connections in various applications. At Toolstop, we offer a range of hose clamp options to suit your needs.

Hose Clips for Secure Hose Fittings

Also known as jubilee clips, hose clips are circular metal bands with a worm gear mechanism. They are used to secure hoses onto fittings to prevent leaks and ensure a tight seal. Our models, made from mild steel and stainless steel by Eclipse, are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate different hose diameters.

Types and Sizes Available

Our selection includes:

  • Mild Steel Hose Clips: Economical and suitable for general-purpose applications
  • Stainless Steel Hose Clips: Corrosion-resistant and ideal for use in environments where moisture is present
  • Various Sizes: From small jubilee clips to large jubilee clips, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of hose sizes

Browse our range of jubilee clips today and find the right size and material for your hose fitting needs. Toolstop provides quality products that ensure leak-free connections every time.