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Nails & Staples

Discover an extensive selection of nails and staples at Toolstop. Whether you're tackling DIY projects or working on commercial jobs, our range ensures you have the right fasteners for every application.

Nails for Nail Guns

When precision and efficiency are paramount, choose from our comprehensive range of nails designed for nail guns:

  • Brad Nails: Perfect for delicate woodworking projects, ensuring secure fastening without damaging the material
  • 18g Nails: Versatile and strong, suitable for various applications from trim work to cabinet assembly
  • Finishing Nails: Ideal for achieving a polished finish on trim, moulding, and other carpentry projects

Staples for Staple Guns

From upholstery to wire mesh installation, our staple selection covers diverse needs with staples from leading brands:

  • Heavy-Duty Staples: Designed for robust applications such as securing wire mesh or fastening upholstery fabrics
  • Standard Staples: Versatile staples suitable for a range of household and professional tasks

Trusted Brands, Exceptional Quality

Toolstop stocks nails and staples from reputable brands including Senco, DeWalt, Stanley, and Arrow. Each product is crafted to deliver durability and reliability, ensuring your projects are completed with precision and strength.