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Jigsaw Blades

Tame Any Curve, Conquer Any Cut with Toolstop's Jigsaw Blades

Ditch the dull blades and frustrating splinters! Embrace flawless curves and intricate cuts with Toolstop's collection of jigsaw blades from renowned brands Bosch, DeWalt, and Abracs. Whether you're a seasoned woodworker navigating tight corners, a DIY enthusiast tackling intricate laminates, or simply adding that perfect finishing touch to your next project, we offer the ideal blade partner for any material, cut type, and skill level.

Explore Jigsaw Blades for Wood, Metal & Laminate

Glide through plywood, hardwood, and softwood with smooth-cutting jigsaw blades for wood. Featuring progressive tooth configurations and flexible bodies, these wood whisperers handle straight cuts and curves with ease, leaving clean finishes in their wake.

Achieve clean edges on the bottom surface with down-cutting options and conquer demanding materials with precision using dedicated options like the Bosch Expert T-Shank Jigsaw Blade for Laminate.

Choose the right blade for the job. Bi-metal options offer versatility for wood and soft materials, while carbide teeth excel in metals and plastics. Opt for fine-toothed blades for clean cuts or larger teeth for faster, rougher cuts. Ensure compatibility with your jigsaw by choosing the right shank type. T-shanks are the most common, while U-shanks offer added stability for heavy-duty tasks.

Explore blades designed for specific cuts. Down-cutting blades prevent chipping on the bottom surface, while skip-tooth blades reduce tear-out in plywood. Choose reverse-tooth blades for cutting upwards from underneath.

Don't forget to check out our jigsaw blade buying guide which explains the different types of jigsaw blades and their uses.