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New From Makita – A Tiny Circular Saw!

New From Makita – A Tiny Circular Saw!

Posted by Toolstop Colin on 8th Nov 2011

Circular saws have huge benefits.

They allow crosscuts, ripping, beveling and plunge cuts in addition to cutting materials ranging from paneling to framing timbers to cement.

And when manufacturers like Makita started cutting cords and slapping lithium ion batteries into them, they became even more useful.
But what about applications that require a circular saw, cordless of course, but don’t require huge cutting depths? What about applications that don’t involved cutting heavy duty materials like concrete?

That’s where Makita’s HS300DZ* comes in.

While it’s billed as a circular saw, it’s very much of the trim saw variety. That’s because the blade diameter is only 85mm, or 3.34″ which gives you a maximum cutting depth of 25.5mm, or 1″, at 90° and 16.5 mm at 45°.

Who should consider using a Makita HS300DZ?

Makita reckon electricians and plumbers will love it as it will allow them to cut thinner materials without risking damage any underlying cables or pipes.

We think it’s ideal for anyone involved in lightweight construction when making quick, accurate cuts is essential, but you don’t need a heavier weight, higher capacity cutting circular saw in your kit. For example, kitchen fitters, trade stand erectors, or when you’re having to cut up boards such as when repairing a window.

It’s also an ideal circular saw for anyone already invested in Makita’s 10.8v lithium ion battery range to consider, especially as you can adjust the depth of cut, along with the the ability to bevel the footplate. On top of that, it features an airflow system that blows across the line of your cut plus a dust extractor on top.

Safety features include a lock-on trigger. And the blade has a spindle lock for quick changing via the supplied key.

Makita HS300DZ 10.8V li-ion 85mm Circular Saw (Naked)

So, what do you think of this small, 10.8v circular saw from Makita? Will you add it to your kit? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook.

*the HS300DZ is a “naked” model which means it doesn’t come supplied with a battery or charger. We also stock the HS300DWE which is supplied with 2 batteries and a charger.
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