Mafell LO65E 2600W Hand Router 240V

Mafell Mafell LO65E 2600W Hand Router 240V @12858


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Mafell LO65E 2600 watt Hand Router complete with parallel guide fence, template guide, 1/2 Inch collet, adapter, suction shroud, single-end spanners and 4m (13.1 ft) mains cable with plug. Available in 110 and 240 volts.

Unlimited power! With a 2200 Watt (3.0 hp) output, the LO65E beats other machines on the market hands down. In addition, this hand router is equipped with a motor with control electronics. The coordinated, optimised. components enable the machine to be used for filigree work requiring absolute precision.


  • Fine adjustment of the cutting depth, cast aluminium surface with excellent sliding properties and twin-guide parallel fence with fine adjustment and precise column guide are just some of the finer technical features of the LO65E
  • The groove in the base plate permits flush trimming of edge bands without any additional attachments
  • To replace the cutter quickly and easily, simply turn the LO65E upside down. A standard spindle locking mechanism is fitted as a matter of course
  • 65 mm (29/16 in.) cutting depth
  • Twin-guide parallel fence with fine adjustment - for precise guidance
  • Individual setting of speed, cutting depth and guide - for a wide variety of applications
  • Considerable time-saving - due to fast cutting with the high-powered 2200 watt (3.0 hp) motor
  • Router guide device for cutting housings in staircase strings available as an optional accessory from MAFELL is an ideal tool for carpenters making staircases to individual specifications
  • Locking devices allow it to be set for working lengths of 640 mm (253/16 in.) and widths of 60 mm (23/8 in.)
  • The device is designed to execute the full range of recesses arising in staircase construction
  • The groove width can be adjusted according to the scale, while the lateral adjustment permits cutting to exact markings
  • The fact that the rail and machine can be moved together is beneficial if repeated changes in position are required: the machine need not be detached from the rail
  • The delivery specification includes two screw clamps for securing the guide rail in position
  • Another available optional accessory is an exact sliding bevel for the staircase constructor

Comes with:

  • Parallel guide fence with fine adjustment
  • Template guide - 30 mm (13/16 in.)
  • 1/2 inch collet
  • Adapter - M 12 x 1
  • Suction shroud
  • Single-end spanner - WAF 10
  • Single-end spanner - WAF 22
  • 4m (13.1 ft) mains cable with plug


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