Metabo KS66 Plus Circular Saw + Metabox IV 110V

Metabo Metabo KS66 Plus Circular Saw + Metabox IV 110V @12451


Product Discontinued

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Metabo KS66 Plus Circular Saw + Metabox IV complete with carbide thin circular saw blade, parallel guide/ripping fence and hexagon spanner. Available in 110 and 240 volts.


  • Metabo S-automatic torque limiting clutch: to limit any sudden reverse torque that can occur if tools jam or get caught.
  • Easy saw blade replacement with spindle lock
  • Sturdy aluminum die cast saw housing
  • Fully closed guide plate for secure support
  • Clearly visible cutting indicator for sawing after initial cut
  • Cutting indicator can be set precisely
  • Safety lock switch to prevent unintentional start of the machine
  • Angle adjustment of the sawing blade to the guide plate can be aligned for maximum cutting precision
  • 4-point guide for angle-precise bevel cuts up to 45¬∞
  • Lubrication system for long service life of the gear
  • Optimum sawing dust ejection. No loading of machine with sawdust.
  • External extraction possible: a vacuum cleaner can be connected
  • Extraction nozzle rotatable and stoppable
  • Auto-stop carbon brushes to protect the motor
  • Precision guide rail available as accessory

Comes with:

  • Carbide thin circular saw blade (14 teeth)
  • Parallel guide/ripping fence
  • Hexagon spanner



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