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SDS Max Bits

Handle Heavy-Duty Drilling with Powerful SDS Max Bits

For tackling the toughest drilling jobs in concrete, masonry, and even reinforced concrete, SDS Max bits are the go-to solution. Designed for use with SDS Max rotary hammers, these heavy-duty drill bits deliver exceptional drilling performance and durability.

What are SDS Max Bits and How Do They Work?

Similar to their SDS Plus counterparts, SDS Max bits feature a unique shank design optimised for powerful SDS Max rotary hammers. Here's a breakdown of their key characteristics:

SDS Max Shank: This robust shank design features larger grooves compared to SDS Plus bits, ensuring a secure and powerful connection with the SDS Max hammer drill. This allows for maximum force transmission during hammering and drilling.

High-Performance Materials: SDS Max drill bits are typically constructed from high-grade materials like steel and tungsten carbide. The tungsten carbide tip provides exceptional hardness and wear resistance to effectively penetrate even the most challenging materials.

Fluted Design: Deep flutes along the body of the bit efficiently remove dust and debris from the hole during drilling. This helps to minimise overheating and ensures faster drilling progress.

Choosing the Right SDS Max Bit

Selecting the appropriate SDS Max bit for your project involves considering a few key factors:

Application: SDS Max bits come in various configurations suited for specific applications. Choose a drill bit designed for your task, such as standard drilling, hammer drilling, or chiselling. Toolstop offers SDS Max drill bits and chisels to fulfill your drilling and demolition needs.

Material: While SDS Max bits are powerful, some may be specifically designed for concrete, brick, or other masonry materials. Consider the material you'll be drilling through when selecting a bit.

Diameter and Length: SDS Max drill bits are available in a wide range of diameters to accommodate different hole size requirements. Additionally, the bit length should be chosen based on the required drilling depth.

At Toolstop, we offer a comprehensive selection of high-quality SDS Max bits from Bosch, Abracs, and DeWalt, available in numerous diameters and styles. Explore our range of SDS Max drill bits and chisels to find the perfect tools for tackling any heavy-duty drilling or demolition project!