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Bosch GOP 55-36 – Hands-On Test and Review

Posted by Toolstop Katy on 24th Jan 2017

We’ve described multi-cutters as the ultimate power tool “get out of jail free” card. No matter what little job needs done, you can rely on your multi-cutter to come into action.

However, we’ve moved on from the days where you could only really get the best out of them for small trimming or sanding jobs, maybe cutting the old hole in plasterboard.

With Bosch’s new GOP 55-36 (shop here) you’ll have in a your hand 550W motor powering a tool that’s specifically designed for heavy duty applications. In fact, some may say it’s the mother of all corded GOPs!

Bosch GOP 55-36 – What’s the Spec, Featured and Benefits

Let’s talk about the product name. Yes, Bosch is famous for it’s at times hard to remember product names, but with this GOP it’s pretty simple:

  • 55: relates to the motor, in this case 550W
  • 36: relates to the degrees of oscillation, in this case 1.8º left and 1.8º right, which gives you the 3.6

With that out of the way, what does these mean for you in terms of performance?

Well, a 3.6º overall oscillation is pretty big, especially when you compare it to some of the lower powered GOPs (or indeed other oscillating multi-tools from other brands), which may only offer 2.8º or 3.2º of oscillation.

This movement of the cutter fitted to the GOP 55-36 allows for heavy duty cutting, as you can see in our exclusive demo video on Toolstop TV (watch it here).

In terms of what the 550W motor offers you, Bosch has engineered it with Electronic Speed Control. This means you set the speed via the speed dial at the rear of the tool, and the power will consistently be transferred through to the business end, even when you’re pushing it hard.

The above mentioned oscillations are variable, depending on the job you’re doing. But you can dial through from 8000 to a massive 22,000 oscillations per minute with soft start, giving you loads of control when you need it most.

And the GOP 55-36 is tough. This isn’t the sort of tool you’ll be pulling out of the L-Boxx for tiddly little DIY jobs around the house (although you can, of course). You’ll be pushing it hard and as a result Bosch has built it to last, from the metal front cap all the way through to the ergonomic grip.

Starlock Fitting – What That Means For You

The GOP55-36 is compatible with all of the Starlock accessories:

  • Starlock
  • Starlock Plus
  • Starlock Max

The fact that you can fit Starlock Max accessories to this GOP is key for truly getting the most out of what it has to offer. These blades and cutters are longer (and wider where needed), so pair that up with the bigger oscillation arc and you’re moving into the territory where you can slice effortlessly through chunky wooden posts, for example, or metal rebar.

And the advantages of using Starlock Max accessories include reduced vibrations back up the tool to your hands, which is always a key consideration when using tools like these.

In addition to that, the GOP 55-36 Starlock Max interface has “3D Fit“, which basically means it’s the tightest, most secure fitting interface available. You’re going to feel the extra torque transfer this affords you. And to fit the accessory to the GOP, you just press the shoe down onto it, it clicks securely into place; no tools or faffing about required.

And of course, as we’ve come to expect, the accessory can be fitted to the GOP 55-36 in any of twelve positions, depending on the job you need it to do.

The Bosch GOP 55-36 oscillating multi-tool is available here, and it comes in an L-Boxx with 25 accessories. It also qualifies for Toolstop Finance.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the “mother of all GOPs”.