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DeWALT Compact Jobsite Radios – Which is the Best for You

Posted by Toolstop Katy on 25th Feb 2018

DeWALT’s jobsite radios are already popular among you guys packing the company’s cordless tools. So we’re delighted to present our updated guide to Dewalt’s most compact jobsite radio.

This guide has been updated for 2018 and now features the Dewalt DCR027 Flexvolt Bluetooth Digital Jobsite Radio/Charger.

Which new compact DeWALT radio should you buy?

While we’re putting the DCR027 in the compact category, it only just “fits”. That’s because, while it’s not as large at the T-STAK or ToughSystem radios, it still has an overall length of 46mm. However, some of that bulk is due to the lovely big injection-moulded roll cage. The thing is, the DCR027 is about as rugged and tough as you can get. And it only weighs 7.2kg.

In terms of power, you’ve got 3 options:

  • AC/DC adaptor
  • 18v XR batteries
  • XR FlexVolt batteries

This makes it ideal for in workshops (plug it into the mains) and anywhere on-site.

“The clarity of the amplified sound, all through the bass and treble ranges is really very good. Even similar to the BOSE speaker quality. My wife never really liked any radios I purchased, however gave a thumbs up, including the price. The sound will be worth the money spent. Additionally, the best use of your “DeWalt” power tool batteries for charging and use. The “Bluetooth” feature plays everything on my Apple I-Pod or I-Pad. It’s an all around Win, Win, Win!

Will the Dewalt DCR027 charge my batteries?

Result! Yes, it will. Not only will it charge your 18v XR batteries, when the radio’s plugged into the mains, it will also charge the 54v XR FlexVolt packs, thanks to the built-in 3A charger. This is always a big “must have” feature of jobsite radios, and it’s great to see the DCR027 include it.

Additionally, the radio will charge any USB device such as your phone, e-cig, etc. The USB and AUX-IN ports are found at the bottom of the radio in the large, sealed off storage tray.

Will the Dewalt DCR027 provide power to any other tool?

Again, result! Yes, on the right of the radio there are two AC power outlets that will provide juice for other tools or devices. It’s an especially great feature if you don’t want to use the 3A built-in charger, but would rather hook up your twin Dewalt battery charger to the radio.

What other cool features does the DCR027 have?

In terms of audio sources, it gives you DAB+, FM and Bluetooth, which are the 3 choices anyone should be looking for when considering a new jobsite radio.

A great addition to the interface is AVRCP (Audio Visual Remote Control Protocol).

This allows you to control your device from the radio interface so you can keep the device in a safe place and skip to the next song or hit replay on the radio interface. It also means you can skip to the next song on your Spotify playlist without taking out your phone and removing your gloves.

Dewalt DCR027 Jobsite Radio – Who Should Buy it?

This is the ideal jobsite radio for anyone already using Dewalt’s XR or XR FlexVolt battery platform. Yes, T-STAK and ToughSystem options are available, but not everyone uses these storage solutions. The DCR027 is a stand-alone radio with built-in 3A charger, 2 power outlets and Bluetooth connectivity. It’s a great addition to your kit and.

What do you think of the DCR027 from DeWALT?