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DeWALT ToughSystem Radio Charger – Why You Should Own It

Posted by Toolstop on 4th Mar 2016

Some technology, advances the model while keeping traditions in place, and it’s in our opinion that DeWALT has created this lovely balance in its new jobsite radio, the DWST1-75663, better known as the ToughSystem RadioClick here to satisfy your desire to own one!

Obviously, we’ve seen plenty of tough, robust, DAB-enabled job site radios before, so we have to ask the following question…

DeWALT ToughSystem Radio – Is it Worth Buying?

Before you dive into our article, watch our exclusive overview video on Toolstop TV.

To answer this question we need to take a look at the spec and features DeWALT has engineered into the DWST1-75663.

In basic terms, it’s an AM, FM and DAB+ battery charging radio. Old technology partnered with newer technology, namely DAB+. This gives you access to hundreds of digital radio broadcasts, better quality sound from these stations, plus nifty benefits like details of the track playing.

Over and above that – and this is a feature we’re increasingly expecting of our jobsite radios – the ToughSystem radio will charge our XR lithium-ion batteries (from 10.8v to 18v) when they’re slotted into the dock and the radio is plugged into the mains.

Conversely, it’ll run from these same batteries, so you can haul your radio to whichever part of the jobsite you’re working on. And at the weekend, you can bring the radio down to the bottom of the garden and enjoy your tunes well away from any plug sockets, and you’ll get around 8 hours of play from a fully charged 18v XR battery.

And if it happens to start raining, you know the radio is protected by its IP54 status, making this a true jobsite and lifestyle champion.

Protect and Project

Like any investment of your hard earned cash, you want to know you’re buying a product that’ll take the abuses of a typical day on site, particularly when the product isn’t a power tool!

Along with the protection against water and dust afforded by its IP54 rating, DeWALT has wrapped the DWST1-75663 up in tough, rubber bumpers; it really does live up to its “ToughSystem” branding.

On top of the radio there’s a large, yellow water-proof compartment for storing your USB device (and the mains adaptor), whether an mp3 player or your phone. Inside the compartment you’ll find the USB charger (outputting a beefy 2.4Hz for the most demanding phones and tablets), allowing you to juice up your phone, SatNav, e-cigarette, etc, while you’re blasting the tunes, along a 3.5mm auxiliary input for non-bluetooth devices you want to get sound from.

ToughSystem Compatible

We saw the DWST1-75663 in DeWALT’s training HQ last year and we created the video you saw above at the time. However, a couple of months later we bumped into our pal Julian Collins, the man with the VW van (read our report on his van racking system here) at a tool trade show.
In attendance with him was his van and installed in the ToughSystem racks in the back was the ToughSystem radio. It looked the part, and the sound it was blasting out was both incredible and a crowd puller.

That was thanks to the 6 “best in class” speakers, including 2 sub-woofers, pumping out 360º degree audio. If you’re an audiophile, you won’t be compromised if you’ve got the DWST1-75663 handling your playlists at work.

Integrated into the system is class D amp offering you digital sound optimisation. We reckon this really sets the ToughSystem radio apart from the competition – what do you think?
Whether you’re running the ToughSystem racks in your van or attached to a trolley, the radio will slot right in, meaning you can take it with you wherever your work takes you, neatly stacked with your other ToughSystem tool boxes.

Audio Options

As you’d expect – and as we’ve mentioned – the traditional radio tuners are in place, namely AM and FM. In addition, DAB+ is there for that quality digital sound, plus the ability to pick up stations that aren’t within the range of the AM or FM receivers.

But as we want – and expect – to see in our jobsite radios in 2016, DeWALT has included Bluetooth. Pairing is dead simple: enter the Bluetooth mood, fire up the Bluetooth settings on your device, tap to pair with the radio and you’re good to go.

Put your Bluetooth device in the waterproof storage area, plug it into the USB port and bask in the beefy sound from the 6 speakers, including TWO sub-woofers, whether you’re working on the jobsite or grilling steaks on the BBQ.

Yes, for many this is the jobsite radio they’ve been waiting for. We personally witnessed the crowds that flocked around it at the trade show, we’ve read your enthusiastic comments about it on our Facebook Page.

But what do you think now you’ve seen the spec laid out and watched our video?

Talk to us in the comments section below and be sure to share this with your friends!