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How to Clean Hitachi Nailers – a Toolstop Guide

Posted by Toolstop Colin on 25th Feb 2013

Proper power tool maintenance is essential to making sure you tools will run all day, every day. This includes cleaning our tools to keep them free from debris and other ingress that can seriously hamper their performance and shorten their lifespan.

In this short guide we’ll look at how to clean Hitachi nailers using the 705470 cleaning kit. We’ve detailed each step of the process below and you can watch a Hitachi NR90GC nail gun being cleaned in our Toolstop TV video.

The kit comes supplied in a carry case with:

  • Lubricant
  • Brush
  • Brake cleaner
  • 4mm T-bar hex wrench
  • Cleaning cloth

5 Steps for Cleaning Hitachi Nailers

Step 1: safety first, make sure you’ve removed the machine’s battery and power cell, if applicable
Step 2: remove the nut holding the motor chamber closed using the supplied Allen key
Step 3: inside the motor chamber you’ll find 4 nuts that will need to be removed using the Allen key. A red cable marks the spark charger which will need to be removed and the power supplied needs to be decoupled
Step 4: the chamber within the nail gun must be kept clean and free from foreign bodies. Detrius within the chamber can stop the pin from firing and damage the tool.

This, obviously, results in lost time on the job site for you, so keeping it clean is vital.

Use the supplied aerosol to blast out any ingress and agitate with the supplied brush. Give it a good wipe out with the cloth too.`

Step 5: once you’ve finished cleaning the chamber, use the supplied lubricant and apply a small amount around the chamber and the seals.

Step 6: turn your attention to the impeller blade on the motor. If this needs cleaned, again use the aerosol, brush and cloth.
Step 7: carefully reattach the motor, making sure nothing – cables in particular – are caught around the edge of the housing. Re-do the 4 nuts, reconnect the power and the spark.

Step 8: carefully reattach the motor housing, again checking to make sure nothing is snagged.

Step 9: if any lubricant is leaked from the exhaust ports, simply wipe it away using the cloth.

Your nailer has now been cleaned and is ready to go!

If you’ve got any questions about power tool maintenance or repair, let us know in the comments, and be sure to SHARE this guide with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.