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Makita 4Ah Cordless Tools – 3 to Buy This Month

Posted by Toolstop on 5th May 2014

Makita’s announcement last year that you’d be able to buy 4Ah 18v lithium-ion battery packs was met with a cry of excitement on jobsites, building sites and in workshops around the world!

Now that we’re seeing more and more new Makita cordless professional power tools coming onto the market equipped  – or directly compatible with – these new 4Ah batteries, we thought we’d showcase 3 tools that have caught our attention recently, and certainly deserve consideration from you guys.

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First off, take a look at our short video guide which explains the main difference between Makita’s 3Ah and 4Ah 18v batteries and whether your existing tools are compatible with the new 4Ah packs.

Now we’ve cleared that up, let’s take a closer look at 3 new Makita power tools that take full advantage of the 4Ah batteries.

Makita DPB181Z 18V Cordless li-ion Mini Band Saw (Body Only) – click to buy

Makita DPB181Z 18V Cordless li-ion Mini Band Saw
The DPB181Z is a naked tool – or body only. This means you don’t get a battery or charger. However,  it’ll work with your 3Ah and new 4Ah Li-ion batteries. In our demo on Toolstop TV, we use it with a 4Ah battery.

What’s it capable of and who should buy it?

Even with a 4Ah Li-ion battery slotted in, it’s still a lightweight, coming in at only 3.7kg (plus the battery, and bear in mind 4Ah batteries weigh the same as 3Ah). It’s also perfectly balanced, combining the comfortable rubberised handles with Makita’s typical ergonomics. The DPB181 has been designed to be comfortable and easy to work with in a huge variety of angles.

Which is important for anyone that cuts metal pipework or box sections in awkward spaces, or overhead.

The 835mm blade is typical for a mini band saw like this, and the motor will turn it at 3.2m/s allowing you to cut round metal pipes up to 64mm thick or metal box sections up to 64 x 64mm.

Cutting close to walls isn’t a problem with the DPB181 as the stopper plate is adjustable to let you get close to walls, floors and ceilings. And a bright LED job light will brighten up those dark little corners also.

Changing the blade is a breeze due to the quick blade tensioning release lever, as you’ll see in our Toolstop TV demo.

Makita DHP458RME 18v Cordless Li-ion Compact 2-speed Combi Drill – click to buy

Makita DHP458RME 18v Cordless li-ion Compact 2-speed Combi DrillThe DHP458 represents a further evolution of Makita’s combi-drills. As you’ll see here, Makita sells more combi-drills in the UK than any other manufacturer. And how they’ve updated that already extensive range to include a made-for-4Ah model.

Yes, it’s also compatible with your existing 3Ah batteries, if you go for the naked version, and it directly replaces the popular BHP458.

The kit we’ve linked to above comes with 2 4Ah batteries, each of which are fully charged in just 36 minutes – by far the quickest 4Ah charge time we’ve seen so far.

Battery charge is indicated on top of the battery holder, right at the base of the handle, via 3 red lights. And talking of the lights, the DHP458 features twin bright LED job lights with “pre and after-glow”.

What’s it capable of and who should buy it?

Makita’s combi-drills are well known for their capabilities, but the big advantage of the DHP458 is the compactness of its size, its head length being only 225mm. Equally it’s engineered for anyone working in dusty or damp environments, which is another great benefit.

Power-wise, it’s going to do what you need it to, offering you up to 88Nm of torque across 21 settings, and it’ll punch 16mm holes into masonry and 65mm into wood.

So it’s the ideal combi-drill for anyone working in tough environments who need a well balanced, ergonomic power tool that will run and run throughout the day, thanks for the 4Ah battery packs.

See it in action here.

Makita DSS611Z 18V LXT Cordless Circular Saw (Body Only) – click to buy

Makita DSS611Z 18V LXT Cordless Circular Saw (Body Only)
This is another naked, or body-only, tool from Makita, and it directly replaces the BSS611Z. However, like the other 2 tools in this guide, it’s directly compatible with the 4Ah 18v packs. So, right away, you’ll enjoy the benefit of significantly longer runtimes per charge, bearing in mind the 4Ah packs are fully charged in just 36 minutes.

What’s it capable of and who should buy it?

For starters, if you’re already using Makita’s 18v Li-ion batteries you’ll able to run the DSS611 from them, so it’s ideal for those of you already invested in the Japanese brand.

It terms of performance it’s a tidy little saw, running Makita’s marathon motor which outputs up to 3,700rpm of smooth revolutions to the 165mm blade. It’ll make cuts up to 57mm at 90º, but the 40mm cut at 45º make it ideal for loads of applications.

Dust extraction is available via the removable dust nozzle; just hook it up to your dust extractor. And as you’d expect Makita has included the ergonomic rubberized grip on the handles, making it a pleasure to use.

This is a much better value tool than the BSS611, providing you exactly the performance you need from a compact cordless circular saw; simply add a battery!

See it in action here.

Keep your eyes on the Toolstop blog for more news, reviews and reports on the latest Makita power tools coming to our website over the next few months!

Tell us your favourite new Makita cordless power tool in the comments section below.

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