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Scribemaster's Sight Line Technology

Posted by Katy | Toolstop on 15th Feb 2024

Tired of inaccurate worktop jigs? Say hello to Scribemaster's Sight Line Technology! This revolutionary window system eliminates pegs, simplifies setup, and ensures perfect overhangs every time.

Scribemasters Site Line Technology

Worktop jigs are invaluable tools for achieving flawless joints, but traditional peg-based systems can be frustrating and inaccurate, especially when dealing with non-standard materials or scribing needs. Enter Scribemaster's revolutionary Sight Line technology, a unique window system that eliminates these hassles and unlocks a new level of precision and ease for your woodworking projects.

But what exactly is Sight Line technology?

Unlike conventional jigs that rely on rear pegs to set the female cut depth, Scribemaster utilises a patented window at the jig's front. This window, cleverly named Sight Line, allows you to set the cut depth directly from the front edge of your worktop, eliminating the need for pegs and associated calculations.

Scribemaster Worktop Jigs

Here's what makes Sight Line a game-changer:

  • Effortless overhang adjustment: Forget fiddling with spacers or peg calculations. Simply mark your desired overhang on the worktop's front edge, align it with the Sight Line window, and voila! The jig is perfectly set for any overhang, regardless of the worktop's length.
  • No more peg-related inaccuracies: Scribing worktops for a perfect fit often requires adjustments, and traditional peg-based jigs can become inaccurate in such scenarios. Sight Line eliminates this issue entirely, ensuring absolute precision even with scribed worktops.
  • Simple and intuitive setup: With no pegs to worry about, setting up the jig becomes a breeze. Simply line up the Sight Line window with your marked overhang, clamp it down, and you're ready to cut.
  • Increased versatility: Gone are the limitations of pre-set peg positions. Sight Line grants you the freedom to achieve any desired female cut depth, providing unmatched flexibility for diverse projects.

Site line explanation:

By ditching the limitations of traditional peg systems, Sight Line technology empowers you to work with greater confidence, accuracy, and efficiency. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a DIY enthusiast, this innovative feature elevates your woodworking experience to a whole new level.