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Makita BHP459RFE Cordless Combi Drill – a Toolstop REVIEW

Posted by Toolstop Katy on 29th May 2013

A combi-drill is one tool that everyone should have in their arsenal. Click here for our guide to choosing the best drill for you.

Combi-drills have 3 functions:

  • the ability to drill holes into wood and metal
  • the ability to drive screws
  • the ability to drill holes into concrete and masonry via hammer function

In this review, we’ll be focusing on the 18v, lithium-ion battery-powered BHP459 from Makita, click for our best price and the full spec.

The BHP459 combi-drill has two speeds, speed one for hi-torque applications, allowing you to benefit from the drill’s maximum torque output of 45Nm. Speed two is for higher speed applications such as drilling into metal or wood at speeds up to 1500rpm.

“The Makita BHP459 Cordless Hammer Driver Drill has been developed specially for light to medium duty drilling and fastening applications. This model is equipped with a basic BLDC motor (BrushLess DC motor) specially designed to provide, above all, more work amount on a single full battery charge.”

We reckon it’s ideal for anyone requiring a combi-drill that feels light in the hand, allowing for comfortable use all day, even above shoulder height, but is powerful enough to tackle tough drill and driving applications into wood, metal and steel.

One of the key benefits of buying a combi-drill is the hammer functionality.

The BHP459 provides you with a hammer action of up to 22,500 blows per minute, which will help you drill up to 13mm holes in masonry and steel.

The motor in this machine will also power holes up to 38mm in wood, although check out the video below to see this being put to the test in a real-world environment (or click here to go straight to Toolstop TV.)

Charging the Batteries

While Makita’s cordless power tools aren’t currently available with 4.0Ah batteries, the company does claim that with a charge time of only 22 minutes, you can comfortably throughout the day with one of the supplied 3.0Ah batteries slotted into the combi-drill, while the other charges.

The super-quick charge time allows you to quickly swap between batteries, meaning virtually no downtime.

Better Run-Time and Reliability from Brushless

Makita have been able to reduce the overall weight and headlength of the BHP459 by fitting it with a brushless motor. Click here for our full guide to understanding what brushless motors mean to you.

In simple terms, the BHP459 combi-drill’s brushless motor requires less power from the battery to run.

It also runs cooler, helping to prolong the life of the tool, especially when you run it hard. And because of how brushless motors are constructed, the BHP459 weighs in at only 1.7kg, which is bordering on feather-weight.

Here’s what you need to know about the spec and features of the BHP459 combi-drill:

Drilling Capacities: Vibration: Speed: Torque: Blows Per Minute (Hammer mode):
Max. in masonry: 13mm Drilling: 8 m/sec² Variable via trigger: 0-1500/400rpm 25/45Nm 0-22,500/6000bpm
Max. in steel 13mm K Factor: 1.5 m/sec² 16 settings
Max. in wood 38mm

We asked two tradesmen to put the BHP459 through it’s paces, here’s what they had to say about it.

“The drill has 16 torque settings, allowing you to finish driving with the right amount of tension on the screw, meaning the scew will finish up just below the surface of your workpiece, just as you intend. It’s also very, very light, the ergonomics have been really well thought out, allowing you to use it with ease even with gloves on.” – Wayne (watch his review here)

For all the combi-drill is light, it isn’t a light-weight in terms of performance. We turned a 32mm blue groove drill bit straight through a piece of 3×2 stud work with ease.

The guys also liked the attached belt hook, allowing you to hang the tool from your belt, freeing up your hands while you work.

“It must be the brushless motor that gives it the power; so compact but powerful.  I used it to drill in a 25mm auger bit through stud work with ease, even though the battery had been used all morning to drill and drive screws. A very nice drill.” – Neil (watch his review here)

If you’ve got any questions about the Makita BHP459 2 speed, brushless, 18v li-ion combi-drill, let us know in the comments section below.

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