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Trend COMBI Jig 1002 – the Only Worktop Jig You'll Ever Need

Posted by Toolstop Colin on 25th Feb 2015

The Trend Combi jig 1002 is the company’s biggest jig and it has loads of features and benefits, which we’ll detail below. Our kitchen fitter expert reckons it’s the only worktop jig you’ll ever need to know, as you see in our exclusive video demo on Toolstop TV.

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Trend COMBI Jig 1002 – What are the Features? – Click to Buy

One of the first things you’ll notice is 4 bolt holes, which is very handy when you’re working with 1000mm worktop as 4 bolts is what you’ll need to make sure it’s nice and secure. It also has peninsula end and radius shapes, cable management holes of various shapes and sizes, and 26mm and 35mm hinge apertures.
Trend COMBI1002 Worktop Jig

The key advantage of the COMBIJig 1002, as it’s sometimes known, is that it’s the biggest jig in the Trend range, meaning its thick and robust, made out of 16mm solid laminate, and it also comes with aluminium location bushes and a colour coded guide meaning that it’s very easy to line up the jig for the type of cut you need to make.

Setting up is a breeze, saving you loads of time. Obviously, it comes with an instruction booklet which gives you all the info you need before you make a cut.

When you set up a worktop jig you’re measuring the size of the worktop, front to back. If you’re scribing the worktop up to the wall and it doesn’t fall within the typical size parameters, with other worktop jigs you might run into a bit of difficulty as you’ll typically need to use a peg fitted into a hole to a predetermined width.

The great benefit of the Combi Jig 1002 is that the rear stop is on a slide. You can set this to the typical sizes, but you can also fine adjust it so that it’s alway spot on to the width you’re working with.

Using this jig requires some bits and pieces of kit from your end, of course. You’ll obviously need a router, we recommend the Trend T10EK worktop router. In addition, you’ll need a good quality cutter designed for worktops, such as the Trend C153X1/2TC which is a TCT two flute cutter, and two 100mm throat clamps, something like the Trend BCS/12 Bar Clamp Spreader.

Trend COMBIJig 1002 – What are the Benefits? – Click to Buy

When you’re cutting the bolt holes, using the COMBIJig 1002 is really simple, again thanks to the aluminium location bushes. Referring to the colour coded guide will show you exactly where they need to go for the cut you’re making. Push the jig hard up against the worktop so that the bushes make contact, slide the length stop against the end of the worktop, clamp it securely and you’re ready to go.

Very quick, very simple.

The key benefit, along with the tough aluminium location bushes, is the colour coded chart, meaning you’re quickly set up to make the right cut, each and every time. You’ll be able join worktops or boards from 450mm to 1000mm in width, cut 22.5º mitre corners for hob units, and end cuts of 45º.

Is this the most capable worktop jig on the market? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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