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Imex Warranty


Imex Warranty Information

Imex laser levels are covered by a 12 month warranty against defective workmanship or faulty parts commencing on the date that the product was purchased. Extended warranties are available on line lasers and rotating lasers if registered. To register your tool, you will need a copy of your proof of purchase (Toolstop invoice).

The Imex warranty is as follows:

2 year warranty on all line lasers
3 year warranty on 3D line lasers
5 year warranty on the rotating laser range (excluding the E60)
2 year warranty on receivers
1 year warranty on all other items

To register your Imex product for warranty, simply fill out the following form on Imex's warranty page.

Warranty will not be covered if:

The original serial number is removed or tampered with
The Imex product is repaired, serviced or interfered with in any way other than by an approved Imex repairer
The Imex product is damaged by; droppage, accident, misuse, failure to keep free of dust and water, incorrect operation, leaking batteries, incorrect battery voltage, usage outside specified temperature range or use for which the product wasn’t designed.
The Imex product is rented out

If a claim is made, the customer will return at their own expense the product and purchase receipt to the store of purchase or to a dealer as requested by Imex. Imex will repair or replace the product and return the goods to you. If in Imex’s opinion the Imex product fault is not deemed to be covered by the warranty because of circumstances detailed above, you will be liable for replacement costs, parts, labour or transport costs incurred.

Calibration is not covered by any warranty. It is the user’s responsibility to check calibration as described in the instruction manuals. A re-calibration service is available. Please contact Imex for more information.