Mafell STAB65E 900W Oscillating Jigsaw with Built In Light 110V

Mafell Mafell STAB65E 900W Oscillating Jigsaw with Built In Light 110V @12833


Product Discontinued

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Mafell STAB65E 900 Watt Oscillating Jigsaw with built in light comes complete with 4m (13.1 ft) mains cable with plug, jigsaw blades with various toothing, splinter guard, saw guard and allen key. Available in 110 and 240 volts.

The Jigsaw developed for continuous daily use. Built in light gives permanent illumination of the cut.


  • With 700 watts (0.9 hp) nominal input, the MAFELL jig saws can perform cutting depths of 100 mm (315/16 in.)
  • Due to the 4-step oscillating stroke control and the infinitely variable number of strokes from 500 to 3000 rpm, you always have the right setting for your material
  • The stable guide plate made of die-cast aluminium provides you with integrated extraction and particular with an excellent, even surface for right-angled cuts
  • The differences in the MAFELL oscillating jig saws lie in the various handle designs. The STAK 65 E with knob handle, the STAB 65 E with bow handle and integrated permanent illumination of the cut and the STA 65 E with combined bow/knob handle
  • Proven saw blade clamping - for extreme loads
  • Low-lying saw blade holder - thus allowing both a greater cutting depth and lower gradient with the same saw blade
  • Retractable guide plate - for working close to edges

Comes with:

  • 4 m (13.1 ft) mains cable with plug
  • 5 x jig saw blades with various toothing
  • Splinter guard
  • Saw guard
  • Allen key - WAF 4



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