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Metabo Warranty


Metabo offer a XXL 3 Year Warranty which applies to all machines, batteries, chucks and chargers which have been purchased new and registered online within the first 4 weeks of purchase, please register your new Metabo purchase at www.metabo.co.uk

The warranty covers defects in material and/or workmanship only. When making a claim under the warranty, the owners original proof of purchase bearing the date of purchase must be submitted. The repairs under warranty may only be carried out by Metabo's own service stations, or authorised Metabo warranty service agents. 

The warranty will not apply in cases of:

incorrect use, overloading of the machine or fitting non-approved accessories
Use of force, damage caused by external influences or foreign bodies such as sand, stones or swarf.
Damage caused by non-observance of the instructions for use such as connection to an unsuitable mains supply or voltage or non-compliance with the installation instructions
Normal wear and tear.
Export of UK specific product

The warranty also does not cover tools/machines, which have been partially or completely dismantled.

The operator bears sole responsibility for any damage caused by inappropriate use.

In the event of a Warranty claim call Metabo Customer Services on 02380 732000, once warranty claim is verified by Metabo a TD Number will be issued.

Goods returned under warranty within 1 year of purchase will be collected by Metabo provided the following conditions are met.

All claims for return must have a TD Number as issued by Customer Services upon receipt of an advanced faxed proof of purchase. Fax No 02380 747500.

All goods returned under warranty must include Proof of Purchase faxed to Metabo in advance Fax No 02380 747500.

All XXL claims must include XXL registration documentation.

Customers who have registered under XXL, and the Metabo product purchased is over 12 months old must return to Metabo at their cost any Warranty Claims accompanied by TD number issued by customer services and a copy of the XXL registration document, were goods were originally supplied by pallet Metabo offer a Freight collection and return service at a cost of £55.00.

Exported Goods: Where goods manufactured specifically for the UK market have been supplied to customers outside of the UK, both the standard warranty and any XXL registration claim will be deemed void if the product has been adapted for non-UK use. 
Any such claim/repair will be at the discretion of the local dealer, who will request proof of purchase.