Scheppach Warranty

Scheppach warranty
Scheppach Standard 1 Year Warranty

All Scheppach machines come with and are covered by a 1 year full comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty against product failure, operational malfunction, or substandard manufacturing quality.  The standard warranty covers the machine body, motor, switches, electrical components, or anything that has failed inside the warranty period and cause the machine to not work as intended. (Exclusions apply. See below) 


Scheppach Structural Warranty

Scheppach machines also come with a structural warranty and which lasts up to a maximum period of 4 years depending upon the product group, design, type, or intended usage.  The structural warranty ensures that the customers Scheppach machine will remain free from distortion, sufficiently accurate, able to operate as intended within the machines given tolerances, and remain fit for purpose as designed at the original point of sale.  The warranty periods apply as follows: 

  • Scheppach Bench Top Tools :  2 years
  • Scheppach Workshop :  2 years
  • Scheppach Professional :  4 years



In accordance with valid product liability laws, NMA Agencies Ltd will not be responsible for any claim outside the standard 1 year warranty and structural warranty period, or for a claim inside the warranty period resulting from any of the following:


  • All moving or wearing parts including, bearings, drive belts, plastic guards, knobs, levers, hand wheels, blade guides, knives and sawblades etc, or any component that would ordinarily wear or break as a result of normal use.
  • Any structural damage or breakages to machine parts and components resulting from transport damage incurred by any agent other than NMA’s own transport carriers.
  • Improper care or handling of the machine, upon or after receipt of the goods.
  • Damage incurred through improper electrical installation, or through incorrect electrical supply.
  • Any and all damage incurred through non-compliance of Scheppach’s standard operating instructions from receipt of goods, mishandling during machine assembly, general maintenance, or damage resulting from incorrect operational procedure and misuse.
  • Damage resulting from incorrect installation, or from using of any non-authorised Scheppach parts or accessories, including any modifications that may alter the operational and working integrity of the original product as first supplied.   .
  • Any repairs, maintenance, service, or otherwise carried out by any unauthorised persons without prior consent given by our own NMA service manager or technical engineers.
  • All claims for repair or replacement of worn machine parts resulting from failure to install or use adequate dust extraction where necessary.



Warranty Claims Procedure


As NMA Agencies Ltd is the recognised and sole appointed importer for Scheppach machines within the UK, and as such, it is our goal to ensure, or try and meet the customer’s expectations and give full satisfaction at all times.  We guarantee to do the upmost to ensure we handle all legitimate warranty claims in the quickest and most cost effective way possible, so as to get the customers machine is up and running in the shortest amount of time. 


Where there is any warranty claim reported to one of our authorised Scheppach dealers, contact should be made in the first instance with NMA Ltd to report the claim and seek expert help from one of our experienced technical staff who will then manage the claim and decide the best way forward to get the machine working properly.


Likewise, where a claim appears to be a major fault or structural failure, the fault should be reported to our NMA Technical Service Manager, or service engineer, who will then immediately contact the customer directly to handle and resolve any issue resulting from a claim against a Scheppach product.