Spear & Jackson SLR Slaters Ripper

Spear & Jackson Spear & Jackson SLR Slaters Ripper @17273

  • Weight: 2kg

Product Discontinued

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Spear & Jackson SLR Slaters Ripper

Used by slaters for the removal of old roofing slates. How does it work? A slaters ripper works when the user pulls on the nail(s) that hold a slate in place, using the hook at the end. You can also use the notch at the tip of the blade to push against a broken nail to remove it completely.


  • Hardened and spring tempered blade to allow access between slates
  • Specially designed ground hook enables easy contact with nails and provides easier withdrawal
  • Slight incline on handle to allow easier access of the hand


  • Weight: 2kg


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