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Drill Bits for Metal

Power Through Metal Projects with the Right Drill Bits

Drilling through metal requires specialised drill bits designed to handle the strength and density of the material. Standard drill bits used for wood or plastic won't perform well on metal and can quickly become damaged. Here at Toolstop, we offer a wide variety of metal drill bits to ensure you can tackle any metal drilling task with confidence.

What are Drill Bits for Metal and How Do They Work?

Metal drill bits are constructed from robust materials like high-speed steel (HSS) or cobalt steel to withstand the demands of drilling through metal. They feature specific design elements for optimal performance:

Hardwearing Material: HSS or cobalt steel construction provides the necessary durability to cut through metal without dulling or breaking.

Sharp Cutting Edges: Sharp cutting edges allow the bit to efficiently penetrate the metal, minimising heat buildup and friction during drilling.

Split Point Tip: Many metal drill bits feature a split point tip that helps centre the bit and prevents it from walking across the metal surface, ensuring a clean and accurate hole.

Choosing the Right Drill Bit for Your Metal Project

Selecting the appropriate drill bit for your metal project involves considering a few key factors:

Metal type: Different metals have varying degrees of hardness. For example, softer metals like aluminium may work well with standard HSS drill bits, while harder metals like stainless steel may benefit from cobalt drill bits that offer superior heat resistance and durability.

Hole size: Metal drill bits come in various diameters to accommodate different hole size requirements. Choose a bit with the desired diameter for your project.

Lubrication: Using a cutting lubricant during drilling can help extend the life of the bit and improve drilling performance, especially when working with tougher metals.

At Toolstop, we offer a comprehensive selection of metal drill bits from Bosch, Abracs, and Makita, available in numerous diameters to suit your metalworking needs. Explore our range of HSS and cobalt drill bits to find the perfect bits for tackling any drilling project in metal!