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Mag Drill Bits

Power Through Metal with High-Performance Mag Drill Bits

Mag drill bits, also known as magnetic drill bits or rotabroach cutters, are essential tools for precise and efficient hole cutting in ferrous metals. Unlike standard drill bits used in rotary drills, mag drill bits are designed for use with magnetic drill stands, which securely attach to the metal surface for stable drilling.

What are Mag Drill Bits and How Do They Work?

Mag drill bits differ from conventional drill bits in a few key aspects:

Shank Design: Mag drill bits typically feature a Weldon shank designed to fit into the chuck of a magnetic drill stand.

Cutting Mechanism: Many mag drill bits utilise an annular cutter design, also known as a hole saw. These bits remove a continuous ring of material to create clean, precise holes. Some variations include core drill bits for larger diameter holes and broach cutters for specific applications.

Pilot Drill Bit: Some mag drill bits incorporate a pilot drill bit at the centre to initiate the hole and guide the annular cutter.

Choosing the Right Mag Drill Bit

Selecting the appropriate mag drill bit for your project involves considering a few key factors:

Material: While primarily used for ferrous metals like steel, some mag drill bits may be suitable for specific applications in stainless steel or cast iron.

Hole Diameter and Depth: Mag drill bits come in various diameters to accommodate different hole size requirements. Additionally, consider the required hole depth and choose a bit with sufficient length.

Application: Think about the specific application. Standard mag drill bits are ideal for general metal cutting, while core drill bits are suited for larger diameter holes, and broach cutters may be necessary for specific shapes or applications.

At Toolstop, we offer a comprehensive selection of high-quality mag drill bits from Abracs in various sizes. Explore our range of mag drill bits, including annular cutters, core drill bits, and broach cutters, to find the perfect tool for tackling any metal hole cutting project!