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Bahco 244-22-TP-2 Hand Saw Triple Pack - 2 x 244/22 and 1 Barracuda

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Bahco 244-22-TP-2 Hand Saw Triple Pack - 2 x 244/22 and 1 Barracuda  - 2
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Bahco 244-22-TP-2 Hand Saw Triple Pack - 2 x 244/22 and 1 Barracuda 

7-HPThis Toolstop Bahco Exclusive consists of 2 x 244-22-U7/8-HP 22" Hardpoint Handsaws and a 244P-22-U7-HP 22" Barracuda Handsaw. The 244-22-U7/8-HP is the best selling hardpoint saw in the UK. It is used by joiners, carpenters & builders for medium thick wood materials. Ideal for precision work, with medium toothing for a perfect result. The 244P-22-U7-HP is a high quality general purpose hardpoint saw suitable for cutting most types of wood including, softwood, worktops, chipboard and MDF. The Super sharp toothing and thicker 1.03mm, 22 Inch blade offer faster cutting with improved stability and precision.

244-22-U7/8-HP Features:

  • Hardpoint, universal bevel ground teeth for cutting along, as well as across the grain
  • The most popular handsaw on the market
  • Hardened teeth giving up to five times the life of conventional teeth as well as durability and an excellent cutting performance
  • Fast efficient cross cut and rip performance including chipboard and hardwood
  • Easily recognised by the distinctive blue screwed plastic handle

244P-22-U7-HP Features:

  • Hardpoint teeth for durability
  • Razor sharp universal toothing
  • Excellent cutting performance
  • Enhanced tooth settings
  • Suitable for cutting softwood, worktops, chipboard and MDF
  • Sharp toothing and thicker blade offer faster cutting and stability

244-22-U7/8-HP Specification:

  • Teeth: 7/8 TPI Hardpoint
  • Cut: Medium
  • Size: 22" (550mm)
  • Net weight: 0.39kg

244P-22-U7-HP Specification:

  • Blade length: 550mm (22 in)
  • Type: Universal hardpoint
  • 7 tpi
  • Weight: 0.513kg

SKU: BAH-244-22-TP-2

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