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Bosch GLL3-80CG 12V Cordless Green Line Laser With Bluetooth – Whats the Scoop?

Posted by Toolstop Katy on 13th Mar 2019

The Bosch GLL 3-80 CG green self-levelling laser provides up to 4 times better visibility compared to your standard red line laser. Green lasers are visible in a much wider range of lightings than red allowing you to be able to work both accurately and precisely even under the worst conditions. This is extremely handy for work all year round, indoors and out, rain or shine.

This laser is compact, easy-to-handle and extremely robust not to mention the fact it has an IP rating of 54 to protect from limited dust ingress and water spray.

Bluetooth Technology

This model is extremely user-friendly thanks to its compatibility with TrackMyTools, the intelligent Bluetooth connectivity system from Bosch which allows you to access a range of smart features for smarter working.

The laser can be connected by Bluetooth to the Bosch Toolbox smartphone app so you can control it without the need to touch or potentially move it.  This ensures complete accuracy on the job-site, therefore, eliminating any mistakes that may have previously occurred.