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How to choose the Best Screwdriver

Posted by Katy | Toolstop on 9th Apr 2021

This Toolstop guide talks you through the different types of screwdriver and what screwdriver you should use for which application. We also suggest some of the Best Screwdrivers, including VDE Screwdrivers and why they are so important.

Screwdrivers are a common home and trade hand tool which are a necessity for many tasks. This Toolstop guide talks you through all the different types of screwdriver and what screwdriver you should use for which application. We also suggest some of the Best Screwdrivers, including VDE Screwdrivers and why they are so important.

what screwdriver should i use

What Screwdriver do I need?

There are jobs that are simply not suited to power tools. At times there’s nothing better than the poise and finesse of a screwdriver expertly gripped in a human hand. This guide is for you to choose the best screwdriver.

This is the Toolstop guide to help you make your screwdriver work harder for you. Check out the short guide to the importance of choosing the correct screwdriver on Toolstop TV:

What is a Ratchet Screwdriver?

Ratchet It Up and Add Multi-Bits

You will face jobs that require the use of a “hand-powered” screwdriver, but also demand speed and torque. How do you get as much speed and torque from your screwdriver without resorting to battery power?

The simple answer is to use a ratchet screwdriver that uses multi-bits.

A ratchet screwdriver with a good, solid mechanism will allow you to turn screws with greater speed and higher torque. This will still give you hand-control over the application. Look out for mechanisms in the ratchet screwdriver. These allow you plenty of control over the torque as you tighten or loosen.

Pay attention to the manufacturing of bar and tip of your screwdriver. Look for chrome vanadium steel as this is both strong and corrosion-resistant. Sand blasted tips provide a secure grip in the slot or recess of the screw head.

Bits are important to consider also.

Rather than fiddling around with several different screwdrivers according to the sort of head fitted on them, a multi-bit screwdriver is supplied with interchangeable adaptors that magnetically hold a variety of bits, from standard 1/4″ hex drive Phillips to 1/4″ hex drive torx.

Keeping track of your multi-bits while on site may be tricky, so look for a ratchet screwdriver that has some sort of internal, or adequate, safe external, storage.

Here’s a great example of a multibit ratchet screwdriver to consider:

Stanley 0-54-925 Ratchet Screwdriver Set (29 Piece)

Ideal for both DIY and professional construction, this set contains a ratchet screwdriver with 16 bits and 12 sockets. It’s all “easy change” and offers flexibility when working in tight or hard to reach spaces and offers you loads of control in the palm of your hand.

The better you can grip the handle, the more control you’ll have.

It’s the perfect set for working through to the installation of kitchen units, and much more.

What is a VDE Screwdriver?

Insulated Screwdrivers – click to see the range in stock

Stanley STHT60031-0 VDE 7 Piece Screwdriver Set

This 7 piece screwdriver set is ideal for when you’re working in an enviroment where you need to be protected from electrical shocks. Each screwdriver in the set is from the VDE family and the insulation is tested up to 1,000 volts.

The handles are soft grip. Stanley has developed them to give you fantastic amounts of grip. They also reduce fatigue during prolonged use. The handles also benefit from a broad “stubby-like” diameter. Ideal for when you’re driving wood screws where typically more torque is required.

The handles are moulded onto the bar giving you an almost unbreakable bond. The handle ends are colour coded which helps with selection.

Stanley XTHT0-62693 Slim VDE Set (5 Piece)

This Slim VDE set is individually tested to 1000 Volts set of screwdrivers consists of:

  • Slotted – 3.5mm x 75m, 5.5mm x 150mm
  • Pozidriv – PZ1 x 100mm, PZ2 x 125mm
  • Voltage Tester

Each screwdriver benefits from insulation to protect you from up to 1000v and features Stanley’s large diameter handles for excellent torque transmission and grip.

Colour coded and Icon ID for quick recognition of tip pattern and size. Chrome vanadium steel bar resists bending and snapping. Tapered waist for fast low torque tightening.

Which is the Best Screwdriver Set?

Top Tips for Screwdriving

When driving screws into soft wood without first drilling a pilot, use a bradawl to mark a small indent. The screw will now be much easier to drive into the exact spot where you need it to go.

What Bits for What Job?

You’ve chosen your ratchet screwdriver with assorted multi-bits. The question now is, what bits are intended for which jobs? Usually this question is best answered by considering another: what application are you undertaking?

Below we’ve got a list of typical applications where you’ll be using a screwdriver. We’ve outlined the bit multi-bits for each, based around the type of screw you’ll encounter.

  • Maintenance and service engineers: use a Torx bit. These are the strongest and most wear-resistent screw types usually found in cars, machinery and domestic appliances. You’ll also find torx screws in decking and other timber construction
  • Cabinet making: use a Slotted bit. Slotted screws are about looks and appearance. You’ll find them most often in wooden furniture. Select a flared tip screwdriver bit that is the same width – not smaller – than the slot in the screw head. Too wide and your bit will damage the workpiece. Too narrow and it will damage the screw head
  • General joinery and construction: use a Phillips or Pozi bit. These screws are most commonly used in general construction and joinery applications and range in size from 1-4 PT.

Which ratchet screwdriver and multi-bit set is right for you? Use the above guide and visit our website where you can compare and contrast features, benefits and prizes to find the best for your applications. Let us know if you’ve got any questions about screwdrivers and bits and we’ll help you out.

Screwdriver Sets at Toolstop:

Bosch 2608596132 CYL-1 Drill Bit For Masonry

Bosch 2608596132 CYL-1 Drill Bit For Masonry

Bosch 2608596132 CYL-1 Drill Bit For Masonry

Bosch 2608596132 CYL-1 Drill Bit For Masonry

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