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Makita Impact Drivers – What's the Best For 2021?

Posted by Katy | Toolstop on 9th Apr 2021

This Toolstop Buying Guide focuses on Makita Impact Drivers and which is the best for 2021. Which Makita Brushless Impact Driver to choose can be tough so we have put this blog post together to make life that little bit easier.

This Toolstop Buying Guide focuses on Makita Impact Drivers and which is the best for 2020. Which Makita Brushless Impact Driver to choose can be tough so we have put this blog post together to make life that little bit easier. Rest assured you are getting the best Makita Impact Driver with reccomendations at Toolstop.

Makita Impact Drivers – What's the Best For 2021?

Which Makita Impact Driver Should I Get?

If there is one tool that’s becoming more and more of a “must have”, it’s the cordless impact driver. Whether you work in construction, build extensions, fit kitchens or install decking, a cordless impact driver is a key piece of kit for quickly driving even the largest screws into the hardest wood.

And the key word is “quickly“. Of course, any drill/driver will drive big screws. But because of the concussive blows delivered by an impact driver, you have way more raw screw driving power.

Typically you have around 3 times more turning torque from an impact driver than you do from a drill/driver. And it’s the most comfortable and ergonomic way to drive long, thick screws due to the way the concussive action (the BPM) delivers the energy to the screw, not to your wrist.

In this guide, we’ll be looking at what Britain’s favourite professional power tool company has to offer in the impact driver space. But first, is an impact driver right for you? We’ve got a full guide on impact drivers, and a video you can watch.

Comparing Makita Impact Drivers

We’ll break this down into battery capacity to help you decide which Makita impact driver is best for you:

  • 18V LXT
  • 10.8V CXT

Thrown into the mix will be whether to go for a naked (or body-only) impact driver where you don’t get a battery with the tool, but you save some cash or one that comes in a carry case with a battery and charger.

Makita 18V Impact Drivers

For those who are price conscious first, then the Makita DTD152Z 18V Impact Driver is definitely worth a look. It represents an incremental evolution of Makita’s longest running 18V impact driver and is compatible with all of the LXT battery range, namely 3Ah, 4Ah and 5Ah.

The “Z” in the product name denotes it’s a body-only version, so you’ll need to have your own LXT batteries to power it, but it’s certainly the cheapest in the range as a result.

Spec-wise, the motor and all-metal gear box is housed within a body that’s only 137mm long. It delivers up to 3500 impacts per minute, spinning the bit at a top speed of 2900rpm, while outputting up to 165Nm of torque. You can watch our demo video on this Makita impact driver:

Which Makita Impact Driver is Best?

Next up is the Makita DTD154Z 18V Brushless Impact Driver which is again supplied body-only, helping to keep it as an affordable upgrade to your kit.

It’s ridiculously compact due to the brushless motor, which gives you long run times on a charged 18V LXT battery, better durability and increased service life. It benefits from an electronic 3-stage impact power selection, delivering up to 175Nm of torque, providing up to 3800 impacts per minute, while spinning the bit at up to 3600rpm. It’s a true workhorse of an impact driver, sold without batteries or a charger.

Makita 10.8V CXT Impact Driver

The Japanese company recently announced a massive change to their 10.8V battery platform, moving the batteries closer to their 18V LXT big brothers. Now we have slide-in functionality and better performance as a result, coupled with a minimum of 2Ah capacity, and Makita calls the platform CXT. This has allowed Makita to improve the performance of their 10.8V power tools, including the newly launched impact driver.

The Makita TD110D 10.8V CXT Impact Driver is available with a charger, case and two 2Ah batteries, or you can save a bit of cash and grab a body-only version, allowing you to slide on the 10.8V CXT 4Ah battery pack.

Spec-wise, this is a true performer. Size-wise, it’s a little longer than the 18V LXT versions, roughly 2cm or so, however it’s about 0.5kg lighter, which is a bonus. Plus, the profile of the head is narrower. And because of the improved battery technology, we’ve got some fantastic performance from such a compact tool.

3500 impacts per minute are going to blast the biggest of screws into the densest, thickest pieces of wood. Partner the IPM with the 110Nm of torque and the 2600 revolutions per minutes, and you’ll have a very capable, but extremely lightweight tool in your hand.

See it in action in our Toolstop TV video:

We have now highlighted our top 3 Makita drivers. What’s your impact driver of choice and why do you favour it? Let us know!

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