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Which Cordless Makita Jigsaw do I need in my kit and why?

Posted by Katy | Toolstop on 9th Apr 2021

This Toolstop guide highlights the top 3 Makita Jigsaws. Which cordless makita jigsaw do I need? Find out which is the best Makita 18V Jigsaw with the Toolstop blog

This Toolstop guide highlights the top 3 Makita Jigsaws. Which cordless makita jigsaw do i need? Well, simply keep reading to find out the pros and cons of each model in order for you to pick the best Makita 18V Jigsaw. These tools are loved by many and used for a number of trades, a great addition to any toolbox.

makita cordless jigsaw

What's the best Cordless Jigsaw?

More and more of us are switching over to an almost entirely cordless power tool set up. This can be through choice or job site rules. Now it’s more important than ever to have a great jigsaw to let us do the jobs we need to, but with the power coming from a battery.

This Toolstop Guide showcases 3 fantastic cordless jigsaws from Makita to suit all budgets.

Which Makita 18V Jigsaw?

It’s always worth noting that the most affordable way to upgrade your cordless tools is to go for a body only (naked) version. Especially true if you’ve already invested in the battery platform. In this case, Makita’s 18V LXT or 10.8V CXT range. Simply slot in one of your batteries and you’re good to go. You won’t get a charger or anything fancy in the box, but you’ll save money.

Additionally, we have a range of different finance options available to you which you can read more on here.

Our top picks of Makita Cordless Jigsaw

To help you get inspired, have a look at 3 of our favourite cordless jigsaws:

Makita DJV181Z 18V Cordless Brushless Barrel Grip Jigsaw (Body Only)

“Body grip design offers great ergonomics, balance of weight, and maneuverability of saw. Brushless motor eats through thick hardwoods without much effort.”

As the above reviewer states, the body grip on the DJV181 is a key benefit. It allows you amazing levels of control over your cuts, especially curves. Equally, flip the jigsaw upside down, and the barrel grip is ideal for making plunge cuts from the underside of the material.

The motor is brushless, which keeps the size and weight down. This also gives you more runtime from any 18V LXT battery you use, and makes the jigsaw very durable. The base plate can be angled left or right to 45º. Soft-start is a real bonus as it provides a greater level of control when you’re starting the cut. The motor gives you variable speed up to 3,500spm and a stroke length of 26mm. Therefore translating into cuts up to 135mm into wood and 10mm into steel.

Watch our demo video on this model:

Makita JV103DZ 10.8V CXT Brushless Jigsaw (Body Only)

“Another great tool in the new CXT range works as described and has plenty of power. The charge indicators on the batteries are a welcome addition.“

When Makita upgraded its 10.8V battery platform it was clear the company wanted to provide the same quality and functionality of the cordless tools found in its popular 18V range. Slide-on batteries with charge indicators, but with less bulk. The JV103 is a jigsaw from this new family of tools and for a 10.8V powered machine, it packs a punch.

Size is kept compact thanks to the brushless motor. Even though it’s running on lower powered batteries, you’ll get great runtime as a result. Soft-start is also present which helps with control when you start a cut. The motor will give you up to 3000spm via the variable speed trigger. Stroke length is a respectable 23mm which translates into cuts up to 90mm in wood and 10mm in mild steel. Tool-free blade change, LED light, constant speed control and the ability to bevel left and right to 45º are also present.

If you’re already using the CXT battery platform, then the JV103DZ, supplied body-only, is a must-have. Watch our demo video on this model:

Makita DJV180Z 18V Cordless Jigsaw (Body Only)

Superbly made and effortless to use. Work light and blower to remove dust from pencil line a bonus.”

As you’d expect from a cordless Makita power tool, the DJV180 is compact, tough and ergonomic. It features a large 2 finger variable speed trigger which takes the strokes per minute up to a maximum of 2600. The machine will allow you to cut up to 135mm in wood and 10mm into steel, thanks to the 26mm stroke length. Control of the cut is available via the 3 orbital stages, plus straight cut. This allows you to either cut rough and quick, or with plenty of control.

In the box you get:

  • Anti-splintering device

  • Cover plate

  • Dust nozzle

  • 2 x B-10 Jigsaw blades

  • 2 x B-22 Jigsaw blades

  • 2 x BR-13 Jigsaw blades

Slot in any 18V LXT battery you own, and you’re ready to go. For a more in depth look at this tool, check out our video (please note that the video shows an older version of this model):

Those are our picks for the best Makita cordless jigsaws. Which one are you using? Let us know!

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