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Which Job Site Radio? A Toolstop Guide

Posted by Katy | Toolstop on 15th Dec 2021

Find out everything you need to know about job site radios, main features to look out for when choosing one and Toolstop's guide to the best ones available in this exclusive guide.

Which Job Site Radio? A Toolstop Guide

Jobsite Radios - Features to Look out for

Music on the jobsite is like Slade and Christmas. Or stacks of paper invoices on the dashboard of a van. You can’t have one without the other.
As the technology that goes into our power tools has improved and developed over time, so have jobsite radios.

Like the world of power tools itself, we are almost spoilt in our choice of jobsite radios. What should you look out for when buying one? What features and/or special benefits are worth noting? That’s where our jobsite radios buying guide comes in.

We’ve listed the jobsite radios we believe you should consider adding to your kit alongside their key spec and benefits, as well as explaining some features you should look out for.

What is a DAB Radio?

DAB stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting and is simply a way of sending audio signals through the air. Dab radios have better sound quality than FM radios, are more reliable when picking up stations and offer much more stations to choose from. Did you know that some of the UK’s most popular radio stations are Dab only?

Dab signals use a wider band than FM which means that stations can send out additional information alongside the song, such as the name of the artist and the song. Dab signals also work better around large obstacles between your radio and the transmitter such as large buildings.

Other advantages of DAB radios:

  • They are more susceptible to noise and interference
  • Changing to another station is easy
  • DAB radios are also capable of receiving AM/FM signals - best of both worlds

Disadvantages of DAB radios:

  • Battery drains faster than a regular radio
  • Dab signal isn't very good in some areas e.g. Scottish Highlands. However, if the radio also has Bluetooth built in, you can get around this issue by connecting to your phones internet.

What is DAB+?

DAB+ is essentially an upgraded version of DAB. It uses the same transmitters and technology as DAB, it simply converts sound to digital in a different way. It allows more stations to be broadcasted within the same amount of capacity, providing a more reliable reception for reduced cutout. There are lots of DAB/DAB+ radios available which will give you access to both DAB and DAB+ stations. There are over 180 stations broadcasting on DAB+ in the UK e.g. Heart 80s.

Factors to Weigh up When Choosing a Job Site Radio

  • Will the jobsite radio charge your batteries? If so, what capacity does it support? Will it take your older NiMH batteries, for example?
  • Can I charge my mobile phone while I listen to the radio?
  • Can I play music from my smartphone?
  • Can I even play mp3 files stored on a USB stick?
  • Is there a safe compartment for me to store my smartphone while I play music from it?

What battery platform are you already invested in?

If you already favour DeWalt power tools, and you’ve got several batteries from this manufacturer, would it be wise to buy a Bosch radio? Take close note as to whether the radio will run from the mains. If it doesn’t that means it won’t charge your batteries and you’ll need to already own a compatible battery to run it from. (Please note, not all radios that run off the mains charge batteries - always refer to the product descriptions to gather this information).

What is the Best Jobsite Radio?

Before looking at job site radios, take into consideration the points above and work out what exactly it is you want from your radio. Do you need it to charge your batteries? Do you want a small, compact model? Or do you need sound that will virtually fill a stadium with noise while at the same time being able to withstand all the knocks and bumps the back of our van dishes out?

What sort of abuse will the jobsite radio reasonably be expected to tolerate?

  • Does it have robust rubber or plastic bumpers or casing?
  • Is it rated against dust and/or water ingress?

Here are our top suggestions for best job site radio:

Best Jobsite Radios - Toolstop's Top Picks:

Dewalt DCR029

The DCR029 is the perfect radio for anyone already invested in the Dewalt XR range. It can be powered via 12V, 18V and 54V batteries or even the mains! It can receive both DAB and FM stations and is Bluetooth compatible. It is lightweight and compact for easy transportation and won't take up room on the site.


  • DAB/FM
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • USB charging output on both AC and DC power
  • Accepts 12V XR, 18V XR and 18/54V XR FLEXVOLT batteries
  • The outer cage protects it from knocks/bumps
  • Will charge your mobile

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Dewalt DWST1-75663 ToughSystem Radio

The ToughSystem radio is one of the most popular on the market. It is tough and versatile and will accept Dewalt 12V or 18V XR batteries or can be mains powered. It will charge your batteries when connected to the mains and is IP54 rated for dust and water protection. Easily transport it alongside your other ToughSystem storage modules.


  • DAB radio and Bluetooth connectivity
  • 4 full range tweeters, 1 sub-woofer and an assisted bass resonator
  • Charges batteries when connected to the mains
  • Compatible with other ToughSystem modules
  • IP54 rated

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Makita DMR115

The DMR115 is a DAB/DAB+ radio and is one of Makita's most popular. It can be powered by the mains, 14.4V and 18V LXT batteries and 12Vmax CXT batteries. It is IP65 rated and Bluetooth compatible with an AC adaptor jack for charging electronics.


  • 6x selectable sound modes to suit music genre
  • Dual power source: AC or Makita batteries
  • DAB/DAB+ with Bluetooth
  • IP65 rated dust and shower-proof construction
  • AC adaptor jack for charging mobiles

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Makita DMR301

The DMR301 is Makita's first ever radio that is able to charge batteries. It can be mains powered or by 12V, 14.4V or 18V batteries. This DAB/DAB+ radio is bluetooth compatible with an IP64 rating and an AUX-IN jack for connecting to external audio source.


  • Elastomer bumpers and metal pipes protect against knocks and bumps
  • DAB/DAB+ with Bluetooth
  • Up to 24 hours runtime with a 6.0Ah 18V battery
  • Charges batteries when powered by the mains
  • Able to charge mobiles

*Model not yet available at Toolstop.

Metabo R12-18

The Metabo R12-18 is a small job site radio that can be powered by the mains or by Metabo 12-18V batteries. It is Bluetooth compatible meaning you can enjoy your own music from your phone. The large protective frame makes it ideal for site use. Takes up virtually no room.


  • AM/FM with Bluetooth
  • IP54 rated with large protective frame
  • Accepts Metabo 12V-18V batteries or can be powered by the mains

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Makita DMR203

The DMR203 is a Bluetooth speaker opposed to a radio meaning you simply connect up your smartphone to enjoy your own music. It has 6 selectable sound modes and is IP65 rated. Up to 10 DMR203's can be paired and connected to one mobile device to play the same sound simultaneously.


  • Wirelessly connect to your mobile device for playing music with a range up to 10m
  • Elastomer bumpers protect against rough handling on the jobsite
  • IP65 rated
  • AC adaptor jack

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With Toolstop's guide to choosing the best job site radio, we can savour digital quality audio from a radio that perfectly compliments the power tools in our kit box.

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