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DeWALT Mesh Sanding Sheets – Why You'll Save Time and Cash

Posted by Toolstop Katy on 22nd Oct 2014

No one really likes relying on elbow grease anymore, do we? Of course not, otherwise we wouldn’t buy powered tools. And when it comes to sanding, the elbow grease has gone the way of the dodo. All of us pack some sort of sander in our kit, whether its corded or cordless (click for our guides), and along with them, we have bundles of sanding sheets or pads.

But perhaps we take them for granted, assuming we’re getting the best value for our money and that we’re getting the most efficient sanding action possible from the sanding sheets we use.

Well, DeWALT has once again applied science to the day-to-day tasks we perform at work and has has launched a new range of sanding sheets (click to see the range) that the company claims will last up to 4 times longer than traditional sanding sheets, while being much more efficient.

Watch our exclusive demo of these new mesh sanding sheets, filmed with DeWALT, on Toolstop TV.

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DeWALT Sanding Sheets Last 4 Times Longer?

This is quite a claim to make, especially as it will ultimately save you time and cash. So, how does it work?

DeWALT says its because of the abrasive used on the sheets, coupled with the fact the sheets are woven into a mesh from cloth. There’s no paper involved. This simple switch in manufacturing means the sheets are stronger and harder wearing.

In real terms, from what we saw in the demo, is that the sheets will work harder and tougher while they’re in use, making very short work of the sanding applications we saw them tested under.

What are the Benefits of Mesh Sanding Pads?

One of the key benefits is with regards to dust extraction. Again, because of the woven nature of these mesh sheets, they’ll work with the dust extraction of any manufacturer’s sander.

No more wasting time trying to line up the holes in the paper sanding sheet with the holes on the sander’s pad to make sure dust extraction will take place. Simple slap the sheet onto the pad, and you’re ready to go.

Caking and pilling are two of the main things that degrade traditional paper sanding sheets, clogging up the abrasive (with paint, for example), making it less and less effective with each passing minute of sanding.

Again, due to the woven cloth mesh of DeWALT’s sheets, this won’t happen with the frequency of paper sheets. And if it does, after time, then simply peel off the sheet and wash it under the tap, another key benefit of these mesh sheets.

What Mesh Sanding Sheets Are Available from DeWALT?

The company’s making these new cloth sanding sheets available in a wide range of sizes and grits, from 1/4, 1/3 and half sheet, all the way down to detailed sanding sheets, such as you’d use on an oscillating multi-tool with the sanding pad accessory attached.

Click here to see the full range we’ve got for you to order today, helping you save cash and time right now!
So, put the elbow grease back in the van, and revolutionise how you get those sanding jobs done with a new mesh sanding sheet from DeWALT.

We’d love to hear what you think of these sanding sheets, especially if you’ve already invested in some!