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Impact Drivers – What Are They and Do I Need One

Impact Drivers – What Are They and Do I Need One

Posted by Toolstop Katy on 2nd Aug 2018

In this Toolstop guide we’ll answer some commonly asked questions about impact drivers.

What is an impact driver and do I need one?

An impact driver is a type of cordless drill driver, but instead of a standard 13mm chuck, it features a 1/4” hex bit holder which grips small screwdriver bits.

It differs from a cordless drill driver in that the main use for it is to drive long, wide screws into tough materials.

Impact Driver - Why You Need One in Your Kit

Watch our short video guide cover the topic of impact drivers on Toolstop TV.

With each rotation of the bit holder the motor applies impacts coupled with high levels of torque. And all of this comes from a cordless tool that usually has a very compact head length, making it perfect for driving screws in tight corners or hard to access places.

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But do you need an impact driver?

We have an extensive guide to everything you need to know about cordless drills, which you can access here.

We asked Eric from Bosch to explain the differences between impact drivers, combi-drills (sometimes called impact drills) and impact wrenches. You can watch this exclusive guide on Toolstop TV here.

For many, their impact driver is a must have piece of kit in their toolbox. With the right bit attached it will even drill holes.   If you’re working on jobs that require driving loads of screws, or long screws into hard material, then you should own an impact driver.

They’re ideal for building decks, screwing down plywood flooring and more.

Click here to see all of the cordless impact drivers currently in stock and ready for next day delivery.

Here are 3 of our favourite cordless impact drivers:

What’s your pick for best impact driver and how do you use yours? Let us know in the comments.

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