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HiKOKI the new name for Hitachi raises the bar!

Posted by Katy | Toolstop on 1st Jan 2021

HiKOKI is the new brand name for Hitachi. This Toolstop Blog explains the reason behind the name change, and what you can expect to see from the brand in the future!

HiKOKI the new name for Hitachi raises the bar!

Who are HiKOKI?

HiKOKI seem to have popped up out of nowhere. However, they may not be as much of a stranger as you think... HiKOKI is the new brand name for Hitachi, and below we explain all!

Hitachi started business back in 1948 producing 1300 different power tools and have 2500 patents globally. After 70 years manufacturing solid reliable power tools, Hitachi have changed their brand name to HiKOKI. All tools remain the same, simply with a name badge change, and all Hitachi batteries are forwards compatible with the new HiKOKI range. Since their name change back in 2018, HiKOKI are proud to present a new range of power tools and accessories. Keep reading to find out more!

HiKOKI - The new brand name for Hitachi

"Pronounced “hai-koh-key,” HiKOKI is derived from the English word “high” and the Japanese term “koki,” meaning 'industrial machines'." And it is to no surprise. HiKOKI tools are powerful, robust and up to the task. You can shop all HiKOKI Tools here.

Already we have seen the launch of HiKOKI Multi-Volt Batteries (check out our blog post on them here) and 36V powered machines. Hitachi Koki’s world‐class advanced technologies have produced reliable and innovative products throughout its celebrated 70‐year history, and this has continued with the rebranding.

Their existing product innovation and design served as the basis for the new partnership with Koki Holdings. HiKOKI have already released a variety of 36 Volt machines which give mains level power, freeing the user of cables. The Multi-Volt 36V / 18V Batteries are fully backward compatible with Hitachi 18V tools, using Smart Connecting technology which means the battery is able to detect whether it has been installed in an 18V or 36V machine.

Why did Hitachi change their name?

Same Quality, Same Performance, New Name

Why did Hitachi change their name? Well, the name change was in line with the company’s ambitious international growth strategy, aimed at ensuring sustainable growth while expanding business in the nearly 100 countries in Hitachi Koki’s global network. Check out our video below which shows some of the new HiKOKI Power Tools available at Toolstop.

Best Selling HiKOKI Power Tools at Toolstop: