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How Quick Dams Can Help Homeowners in the UK Cope with Rising Flood Insurance Costs

Posted by Chris | Toolstop on 2nd Jul 2023

With climate change increasingly making its presence felt, UK homeowners are experiencing its impact first-hand. Find out how Quick Dams can help in this Toolstop blog.

Rising Flood Insurance Costs in the UK:
Are Quick Dams the Answer?

Rising Flood Insurance Costs in the UK: Are Quick Dams the Answer?

With climate change increasingly making its presence felt, UK homeowners are experiencing its impact first-hand. One stark manifestation of this has been the spike in flood-related damages and resultant insurance claims. According to a survey by Compare the Market, 67% of respondents expressed apprehensions about climate change amplifying the flood risk to their properties1.

There is a direct link between flood risk and the cost of home insurance. A survey revealed that homeowners living within 400 feet of water witnessed an average increase in their insurance premiums by £28, or 15%, compared to those situated further away1. Given the escalating weather-related events due to climate change, these premiums could well be on an upward trajectory.

Understanding Flood Insurance in the UK

Most buildings and contents insurance policies in the UK come with flood cover as a standard component. This insurance typically covers the expenses of drying out the property, debris removal, home and permanent fixture repairs, and the replacement of furniture, electrical goods, and other belongings damaged by water1.

However, it's important to note that before 2016, people residing in high flood-risk areas faced difficulties securing coverage or had to shell out hefty premiums. This scenario changed with the introduction of Flood Re, a government-backed reinsurance scheme, which made it possible for homeowners in flood-prone areas to get affordable buildings and contents insurance. While not all types of properties are covered by Flood Re, a significant number of insurance providers are part of the scheme1.

Rising Flood Insurance Costs in the UK: Are Quick Dams the Answer?

In light of the growing frequency of flood incidents and the consequent rise in insurance premiums, preventive steps are the need of the hour. One promising solution that has emerged is Quick Dams, an innovative flood barrier solution.

Quick Dams are essentially sandless sandbags that are activated by water. They are remarkably light and easy to position in strategic locations. And when activated, each small bag can contain up to 4 gallons of water. If kept in place, Quick Dams can last for approximately 6-12 months, making them a cost-effective choice for sustained flood protection234.

These sandless sandbags are designed to absorb water upon contact. The bags are filled with a proprietary, non-toxic Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) powder that can soak up to 16 times its weight in water5.

The versatility of Quick Dams extends to both indoor and outdoor use. They can effectively prevent water from seeping into low areas, and when not in use, they can be dried out and stored for future use4.

Quick Dam Flood Barrier

The consumer information website Which.co.uk outlines resistance measures—those designed to keep water from entering properties—as one of two key strategies homeowners can adopt to shield their properties from flooding. Quick Dams fit seamlessly into this category, providing a cost-effective, dependable solution to hold back water and potentially saving homeowners from expensive damages and insurance claims1.

In the UK, one in six properties is at risk of flooding, and more than two-thirds of homeowners are worried about the increased risk of flooding due to climate change4. To find out if your property is at risk, you can use various online resources administered by different departments across the country4. Flooding can be caused by several factors including heavy rain, overflowing rivers, high tides and storms, surface water, overwhelmed sewerage systems, or rising groundwater4.

While the threat of flooding and the linked insurance costs pose real concerns for UK homeowners, products like Quick Dams offer a practical, cost-effective counter measure. Instead of merely relying on insurance as a responsive measure, incorporating Quick Dams into a home's flood protection strategy can act as a proactive step in reducing flood risks.

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