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Everything you need to know about the Dewalt 5 Amp Battery

Everything you need to know about the Dewalt 5 Amp Battery

Posted by Fraser | Toolstop on 29th Jun 2020

Get the lowdown on 5ah batteries from DeWalt. Learn about the benefits and shop today at Toolstop.

5Ah Batteries from DeWalt

It's been coming.

We’ve known for a while now that lithium-ion batteries are only going one way - bigger capacity. For around 3 years now we’ve seen a fairly constant upward trend from the best power tool manufacturers; more cordless power tools, higher capacity batteries. And now DeWALT has finally launched the successor to their highly acclaimed 4Ah 18v li-ion batteries. Already made up your mind? You can add to your cart now. Alternatively, read on to get the lowdown.

Dewalt DCB184 18V XR li-ion Battery 5Ah - 2

DeWALT 5Ah 18v XR Lithium-Ion Batteries – What You Need to Know

Anytime larger capacity batteries come onto the market, the first thing we want to know is how much more runtime will they give our power tools? And right after that, how long will the take to charge and how much heavier are they?

First things first, then. These new 5Ah XR packs aren’t heavier than the 4Ah versions. And further to that, the 4Ah versions were actually lighter than the 3Ah packs! Incredible, we know. But the reality is, the 5Ah 18v XR lithium-ion batteries from DeWALT will be able to store up to 66% more charge than their 3Ah cousins, all within the same size, but lighter, pack. So, if you skipped upgrading your stable of 3Ah DeWALT batteries to 4Ah, now is definitely the time to take the plunge and go for the new 5Ah packs. Just think of all that extra runtime!

Regarding charge times, we don’t have any official figures on this yet. But we can surmise that the batteries will need to be on the charger for a reasonable amount of time to completely fill up, as is always the case with higher capacity batteries.

That, though, needs to be balanced against the fact that they’ll last longer away from the charger! Which is, after all, the main attraction of higher capacity batteries

And while we’re talking about charge times, it’s certainly worth keeping in mind the forthcoming arrival of the DCB132 charging station. This will charge all of Dewalt’s lithium-ion batteries, from 10.8v all the way through to the XR FlexVolt packs.

So with this, and a couple of 5Ah 18v batteries in your arsenal, you’ll have no downtime during the day at all! (Pretty much…)

As the 5Ah batteries are part of DeWALT’s amazing XR range, the battery benefits from all the smart features we’ve come to expect, and rely on. You can see the LED state of charge indicator, but what you can’t see is what’s going on inside the black and yellow pack.

That means a longer life for the battery. The battery works in tandem with DeWALT’s smart XR tools, all of which have intelligent switches and motors, so all of the extra capacity the battery holds will be drawn from it in the best way possible for the tool to get the job done as you need it.

Watch our Toolstop TV video guide to understand the main advantages of XR tools and batteries below

Are DeWALT’S 5Ah XR Batteries Backwards Compatible?

This is another huge question for you to have answered, especially if you already how XR tools; will the new batteries work with them. The short, simple and honest answer to this is yes. These are XR batteries, therefore they’ll work on any of DeWALT’s 18v XR power tools, whether it’s a brushless nailer, impact driver, jigsaw…you name it. And you don’t need a new charger for the 5Ah batteries, they’ll charge on any existing XR compatible charger.

Which DeWALT Cordless Tools Will Benefit Most from 5Ah?

As we’ve seen over the last few years, higher capacity batteries seem to be paired with brushless power tools. That’s why when these new batteries land on the Toolstop website, you’ll see them first with DeWALT’s brushless tools, whether it’s the nailer, the impact driver, the combi-drill or the drill driver.

Why brushless?

These power tools are already super efficient, so it makes sense to pair them with a bigger capacity battery. We’ve no data of the expected runtimes of these brushless, cordless power tools, but with up to 66% more runtime than 3Ah batteries, it could be you’ll be working all day, only charging the batteries at night!

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