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What You Need to Know About Body-Only Tools

Posted by Toolstop Katy on 21st Jan 2019

Watch our video guide to body-only power tools on Toolstop TV here.

In this short guide from Toolstop we’ll explain everything you need to know about naked power tools, including;

What is a Naked Power or Body-Only Tool

A naked power tool is simply a cordless power tool that comes without batteries.

In other words, the tool comes “body-only“. No batteries, no charger and often no other accessories, unless otherwise stated. See below for what to expect when you open the box.

Why Going Naked Could Be Ideal For You

If you’ve already started making the switch to cordless you’ll appreciate how much more flexible and mobile you are on the job site. As a result, you might be eyeing those pesky cords attached to your corded tools, wishing you could take the plunge by adding more cordless kit.

The problem for many of us, though, is the cost implication of changing your corded tools for cordless; cordless tools aren’t cheap.

That’s where going naked could be ideal.

And because naked tools don’t come with batteries they’re cheaper.

Metabo 602104840 BS 18 LT Quick 18V li-ion Cordless Drill / Driver

So if keeping on a budget is important to you, going naked might be the way forward.

If you’re buying multiple naked cordless tools you can even spread the payment using Toolstop Finance as long as you’re spending a minimum of £200, click for details.

How to Tell if You’re Ready for Naked Power Tools

Makita DPJ180Z Biscuit Jointer

Quite simply, do you have more lithium-ion battery packs than you have tools for?

If the answer to that is yes, then you’re more than ready for naked power tools. Or do you have cordless tools that sit about with a battery slotted into them for most of the day, but you don’t use them very often? If so, you’re ready for naked power tools as you’ll be able to utilise that battery in other cordless tools.

Obviously the more spare batteries you have the better. And if you have a couple of battery chargers too, you’re more than ready to start adding naked tools to your kit.

Simply swap out the batteries from the tools you’re not using, slot them into your new naked tools, and you’re good to go.

Makita DSS501Z 18V Cordlessli-ion 136mm Circular Saw

For example, if you’ve invested in a couple of 18v li-ion Makita cordless power tools, but you don’t use both of them regularly throughout the day, you can buy another naked Makita cordless tool and as long as it can be powered by the batteries you already own, you can use the batteries in your naked tool.

And now that Makita is pushing forward into the 36v cordless tool arena, you’ll have even more opportunities to use your spare 18v li-ion batteries.

What to Expect When You Open the Box

Dewalt DCP580N Planer Cordless Brushless

It’s important to manage your expectations when purchasing naked power tools! So, what will you get in the box when it arrives from Toolstop?

Well, that depends on what the manufacturer supplies with naked power tools.

Remember, a naked power tool is “body-only”, so go on the assumption that all you’ll get in the box is the body of the power tool unless otherwise stated.

That means you won’t find a charger, depth-stop, blades, bits, etc that you may expect when buying a full tool.


Always be sure to scrutinise the tool’s listing on the Toolstop website where you’ll find what’s “in the box”. And if you’re unsure, then using our Live Chat function to talk to one of our experts who’ll confirm what to expect when you open the box of your naked power tool.

This will save you any frustration or disappointment, and you’ll be ready to slot a spare battery into your body-only power tool and get to work.

Check out these great deals on body-only tools:

If you have any questions about naked – body-only – power tools, then use our comments section below to ask. And be sure to Share our article with your friends if you want them to understand what naked tools are!