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Bosch GOP 250 CE Professional Multi Tool with 48 Accessories & L-Boxx (110V)

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Bosch GOP 250 CE Professional Multicutter Pro Kit in L-Boxx (48 Accessories) 110V - 5
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Bosch 0 601 230 061 Professional Multicutter Pro-Kit, complete with 48 accessories and L-Boxx 136

The GOP 250 CE Professional with its 250 Watt motor is one of the most powerful motors in this tool class. Cutting, sawing, sanding, scraping, professionals in the interior fitting trade are confronted with different adjustment, trimming and repair jobs on a daily basis. Bosch offers a powerful, and versatile new corded tool for precise cuts without tearing, for flush sawing, sanding close to edges, or also for removing silicone and grout joints. The variable speed and constant electronic ensures continuous work progress even under the highest of loads. In short it's 'a real problem solver'.

GOP250CE Features:

  • Powerful 250-watt motor with Constant Electronic for constant work progress in every application
  • Slim grip circumference for more comfortable working in precision applications and continuous use
  • Easy, precise positioning on the workpiece due to oscillating motion. This enables accurate cutting and prevents damage to high-quality work materials
  • Speed preselection for perfect adjustment to suit different accessories and work materials
  • Extensive range of accessories offers solutions for many applications
  • Rubber-coated handle surfaces enable comfortable work in different positions
  • Integrated ball grommet increases flexibility and prevents cable breaks

Applications - Cutting:

  • Sawing flush with surface, e.g. cut-off door frames near floor
  • Extremely fine and detailed sawing, e.g. cut-outs in parquet
  • Cut-off small non-ferrous profiles, e.g. aluminium strip
  • Plunge cuts in solid wood, e.g. for installing ventilation grills
  • Flush cutting of wood materials, e.g. cut-off overlapping tenon
  • Cutting soft plastics, e.g. trimming of PVC tubes
  • Cutting slots in porous concrete, e.g. for installing tubes and cables
  • Plunge cuts in drywall, e.g. for power sockets
  • Cut-outs in furniture, e.g. for power sockets
  • Cutting of non-ferrous metal pieces, e.g. flush cuts of copper tubes
  • Filigree adjustments in wood, e.g. cut-outs for strike plates
  • Cutting of soft tiles, e.g. small cut-outs in soft wall tiles

Applications - Grinding & Scraping:

  • Scraping, e.g. remove glue from surfaces after carpet removal, remove paint from window-frame, removal of caulking seams
  • Grinding, e.g. removal of mortar of broken wall or floor tile, level mortar for replacement.
  • Reaming seams between wall or floor tiles, e.g. to remove broken tiles
  • Rasping of wood, e.g. for forming or removing of edges

Applications - Sanding:

  • Sanding, e.g. to remove paint from wooden surfaces
  • Sanding of filigree and detailed objects, e.g. doors or window frames
  • Sanding, e.g. to remove finish from metal surfaces or to plane putty
  • Sanding in difficult to reach areas, e.g. in corners
  • Sanding of stone for polishing and rounding off edges
  • Sanding to prepare wood for painting

Comes with:

  • L-BOXX
  • 1 x Hex Key
  • 1 x FEIN AC Adapter
  • 1 x Plunge cut blade for wood & metal W: 28mm L: 50mm
  • 1 x Segment saw blade for wood : 85mm
  • 1 x Delta sanding pad (white foam) 93mm
  • 30 x Sanding Paper: various Redwood P60, P80, P120, P180, P240
  • 1 x HM RIFF blade: 85mm
  • 1 x HM RIFF Delta pad: 78mm
  • 1 x rigid scraper: 52 x 26mm
  • 1 x universal groove cutter: 28 x 50mm
  • 1 x BIM serrated knife: 100mm


  • Rated power input: 250 W
  • No-load speed: 10,000 - 20,000 rpm
  • Oscillation angle on left/right: 1.4°
  • Constant Electronic: Yes
  • Softgrip: Yes
  • Net Weight: 1.3kg

SKU: BOS-GOP250CE-110V-0601230061

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