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Bosch T101AOF Clean for Hardwood Jigsaw Blades (5 Pack)

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Bosch T101AOF (2608634233) Jigsaw Blades for Hardwood 83mm - 5 Pack - 1
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Hardwood, laminate and plywood can all be cut with these jigsaw blades for wood

The Bosch 2608634233 is a pack of 5 T101AOF Jigsaw Blades for hardwood. They are typically used for cutting through laminate and plywood, more specifically creating clean, curved cuts thanks to their narrow blade width and precision ground teeth. Their pointed tooth design reduces tear-out for longer life and sharpness. These blades are made from high-speed steel which is strong and durable.


  • BIM
  • The precision-ground teeth with taper-ground body ensures a clean cut
  • Designed for making clean, curved cuts in laminate and other hardwoods (1.5-15mm)
  • HSS construction makes these blades tough with lasting sharpness
  • Pointed tooth design reduces tear-out


  • Total length [mm]: 83
  • Tooth spacing [mm]: 1.4 
  • Areas of application: Hardwood, laminated panels/HPL (1.5-15 mm), plywood, especially for curve cuts, no tears 
  • Qty: 5 

SKU: BOS-T101AOF-2608634233

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