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Connexion 8425 Cable Reel 1.25mm 13 Amp 50 Metres 4x Sockets 240V

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Connexion 8425 Cable Reel 1.25mm 13 Amp 50 Metres Efficient Power Distribution with Four Sockets

Introducing the Connexion 8425 Cable Reel, 50 metres in length with 4 x 3 pin sockets. A product specifically designed to cater to your extensive electrical reach needs. This premium quality cable reel, manufactured to the highest standards, offers a remarkable 50-meter cable length, providing unparalleled convenience for both indoor and outdoor settings. Whether it’s for professional use in large worksites or for outdoor events, this Reel ensures that you can deliver power exactly where it’s needed, eliminating the limitations imposed by shorter cables.


  • Neon light and Thermal Cutout
  • Durability is at the forefront of this cable reel’s design, featuring a cable with a 1.25mm diameter that promises resilience and long-term performance. This design choice not only ensures that the cable can handle a variety of electrical loads with ease but also guarantees that it will stand the test of time, making it a wise investment for both commercial and personal use
  • Equipped with 4x 13Amp sockets, this Cable Reel 50 meter is a powerhouse of efficiency and convenience. The four 13Amp sockets allow for simultaneous use of multiple electrical devices, making it an ideal solution for settings that require various tools or appliances to be powered at once
  • Safety is a key component of this cable reel’s design. With features that emphasize user safety, this product ensures that power is not just extended but also delivered securely. The cable reel comes with built-in safety mechanisms that protect against electrical overloads and short circuits, ensuring peace of mind during use


  • Length: 50m
  • Cable Diameter: 1.25mm
  • Sockets: 4 x 13A
  • Voltage: 240V
  • Plug: 13A 

SKU: CON-8425

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