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DeWALT Drills

DeWalt drills are the power tools you can rely on for your toughest jobs. Whether you're a professional contractor or a DIYer, DeWalt has the drill for you

DeWalt Cordless Drills

DeWalt's XR range is their most advanced line of cordless drills. These drills offer superior power, performance, and durability than traditional drills. They are also equipped with the latest technology, such as brushless motors and electronic speed controls. Our DeWalt drill category includes a wide variety of drills to choose from, including:

Cordless drills: Our cordless drills are perfect for jobs around the house or on the job site. They're lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, and they offer plenty of power for most drilling applications. At Toolstop you can shop 12V, 18V and 54V drills from Dewalt.

Corded drills: Our corded drills are ideal for heavy-duty drilling tasks. They offer more power than cordless drills, making them perfect for drilling through concrete, masonry, and other tough materials.

Hammer drills: Our hammer drills are the perfect tools for breaking through concrete and masonry. They use a combination of hammering and drilling action to quickly and easily create holes in hard materials.

Combi drills: Our combi drills are a versatile option that can be used for both drilling and driving screws. They're a great choice for general-purpose home improvement projects.

No matter what your drilling needs are, DeWalt has the drill for you. Shop our selection today and see the difference for yourself.