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Dormer P88001 Solid Carbide Burr Set (5 Piece)

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Dormer P88001 Solid Carbide Burr Set
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Dormer P88001 Solid Carbide Burr Set (5 Piece)

The P88001 Set consists of P803-P805-P807-P809-P813 carbide burrs of high quality, in shapes to offer a solution for the majority of applications in major industry. The combination of premium grade materials for both shank and head with the precise production processes results in a consistent and secure product which Dormer consider essential in the usage of carbide burrs.


  • Double Cut:
  • First choice for general machining
  • Improves ease of control
  • Increases metal removal rate
  • Breaks swarf into small manageable pieces
  • Aluminium Cut:
  • First choice for non ferrous materials and plastics
  • High helix and large flute volume for rapid metal removal
  • Shank:
  • Toughened and hardened steel shanks
  • Provides rigidity and strength
  • Prevents bending and reduces vibrations
  • Resulting in improved tool life
  • Ground to h6 (carbide) and h7 (steel) for improved holding
  • Brazing:
  • Special brazing elements provide excellent braze strength
  • Excellent impact strength able to withstand high forces
  • Able to withstand higher temperature without failing
  • Ball Nose Geometry:
  • Skip flute grinding
  • Increased strength at the centre
  • Reduced chance of swarf congestion
  • Improved cutting action closer to the centre
  • TiAlN Coating:
  • Increased tool life in difficult conditions
  • Reduced friction improves swarf evacuation
  • Helps resist “built-up edge” common with cutting tools with small flute volumes


  • P803 - Rotary Burr - Cylinder with end-cut - 9.6 x 6.00mm
  • P805 - Rotary Burr - Ball Nosed Cylinder - 9.6 x 6.00mm
  • P807 - Rotary Burr - Ball - 9.6 x 6.00mm
  • P809 - Rotary Burr - Oval - 9.6 x 6.00mm
  • P813 - Rotary Burr - Pointed Tree - 9.6 x 6.00mm

SKU: DOR-P88001

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