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Hazard & Safety Tape

Toolstop is always looking at ways to help keep the job site and working environment a safer, risk-free place to be. We proudly stock a range of Hazard Tape and Caution Tape to do just that.

Caution Tape

These different types of Warning Tape are typically used to mark out areas that could potentially cause hazards. They are bright in colour to catch your eye and draw attention to the potential hazard. The range at Toolstop includes Yellow Tape, Barrier Tape, Safety Tape and Hi-Vis Tape in numerous sizes and styles. 

Black and Yellow Tape is easily recognisable and is well known by most. If you see this Floor Tape, you know there is a potential hazard ahead. Whether it's Hazard Warning Tape to warn of steps ahead, or Fluorescent Tape to alert passers-by of a low door frame, Toolstop stock it all. From leading brand Ultratape, these Hazard Tapes are a must-have for any site.