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Freeze Master 420D Electric Pipe Freezer 8-42mm 240V

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Freeze Master 420D Electric Pipe Freezer 8-42mm 240V - 5
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Freezemaster 420D Pipe Freezing Kit complete with new style bungee clamps, freeze cream, insulating towels, gloves and fittings to freeze from 8mm to 42mm. Available in 110 and 240 volts.

The Freeze Master is easy to use. Just connect the purpose designed freeze heads to the pipework, upstream and down-stream of the area you want to work on. In as little as 5 minutes, two solid ice plugs can be formed allowing you to carry out your repair quickly and efficiently. It will freeze copper, iron, lead or plastic pipes. It is safe to use. You can leave the machine unattended, and
as long as it is connected to the mains, the freeze will continue indefinitely. Unlike a gas freezing method, where a cylinder may run out, there is no danger of ice melting and flooding. The 420D has a Patented microprocessor controlled refrigerant delivery system, ensuring close control of the freeze head temperatures. This technology is proven to deliver reliable performance even if pipes of different size and temperature need freezing at the same time. The Freeze Master is not just an alternative to draining down. It represents a fast, clean, efficient and highly professional new service for you to offer your customers. All machines are fitted with new multilayer hoses with fittings and manifold attachments designed for the latest demands in cryogenic apparatus. Case bodies have three openings where hoses and mains lead can be slotted through so the machine can be used with the lid closed. Machines are supplied with the recently patented Bungee Clamps (making them the most versatile to fit), freeze cream, insulating towels, gloves, reducer screws and a range of reducers. All machines can freeze copper, iron, lead, plastic pipes, etc. Freeze times are super fast on copper pipes. Freeze Master machines have under the lid :- Freeze cream, Towels, Bungee Clamps, Reducer fittings, Mains lead with fitted plug and detailed instructions


  • The 420D is distinguished by its all new silver case and includes a new ergonomically designed lay flat handle. An easy access storage compartment for reducers to freeze 8mm to 42mm runs along the top rear
  • Freeze Heads retain the original patented features but are designed to fit straight onto 42mm pipes with reducer fittings for 35mm 28mm 22mm & 15mm. The 420D aluminium heads & reducers have a smart silver finish.

Comes With:

  • New Style Bungee clamps
  • Freeze cream
  • Insulating towels
  • Gloves
  • Fittings to freeze from 8mm to 42mm


  • Capacity: 8mm / 10mm / 15mm / 22mm / 28mm / 35mm / 42mm
  • Freeze Time: 5 - 45 minutes
  • Refrigerant: R407
  • Control: Active capillary (microprocessor)
  • Power (Watts) - 550
  • Dimensions - 360mm x 300mm x 340mm
  • Span: 3.9m
  • Available in 110 or 240 volts
  • Weight : 23kg

SKU: FRE-420D-240V

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