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Freud LP60M 006P Circular Saw Blade for Solid Wood 305 x 30mm x 96T

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Buy Freud F03FS03736 LP60M 006P for Solid Soft/Hard Wood Portable Machines 305mm x 30 x 2.8 x 96T at Toolstop
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Freud F03FS03736 LP60M 006P for Solid Soft/Hard Wood Portable Machines 305mm x 30 x 2.8 x 96T

The Freud LP60M 006P 305mm has been designed with a high number of teeth for smooth cuts, suitable for ripping and crosscutting. These blades give a good finish if used in this way. Also suited to cross grain cutting of solid soft and hardwood.


  • High resistance to heat and wear - Tico Carbide is a specially formulated high compact Titanium Cobalt Carbide manufactured by Freud maximising tool performance
  • No blade distortion - Advance balancing eliminates the vibrations caused by centrifugal forces during rotation delivering cutting precision
  • Greater safety with anti-kickback - The shoulder design reduces the risk of kickback, extremely effective when cutting low-grade chipboard or wood with loose knots or nails
  • Anti-vibration slots for perfect finishing - body slots cut with Freud laser technology
  • Complete thermal insulation Perma-shield coating - superior non-stick feature prevents the adhesion of resins reducing downtime for cleaning and reducing stress on machine
  • Maximum durability with tri-metal shock resistant brazing - Freud special tri-metal alloy consists of copper wrapped between two layers of silver allowing carbide tips to withstand extreme impact
  • Superior body quality laser technology - Lazer cut to achieve the highest manufacturing results


  • Diameter: 305mm
  • Width of cut: 2.8mm
  • Body thickness: 1.8mm
  • Bore: 30mm
  • Number of teeth: 96
  • Pitch: 9.98mm
  • Hook angle: 15
  • Max rpm: 4000

SKU: FRE-F03FS03736

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