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Freud FR07W002H Circular Saw Blade for Wood 165 x 20mm x 40T

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Freud F03FS09687 Circular Saw for Wood 165mm x 1.7 x 20 (FR07W002H)
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Freud F03FS09687 Circular Saw for Wood 165mm x 1.7 x 20 (FR07W002H)

The Freud FR07W002H is a 165mm Circular Saw with a Perma Shield coated blade suited to cordless portable machines. Perma Shield gives new life to underpowered saws and produces smooth crosscuts in hardwoods, softwoods and moldings. Coated blades pull 1/3 less on the saw, which translates into 33% more cutting power. Thin kerf blades remove less material than standard carbide blades, thus requiring less horsepower to produce equally good results.


  • Reduction of vibration - specially designed anti-vibration slots enable smooth running and minimise noise
  • Maximum durability - Freud tri-metal shock resistant brazing alloy consists of copper wrapped between silver layers to withstand extreme impact
  • Long lifetime - Customised teeth made of extra durable and hard carbide grains from in-house development and production
  • Reduction of friction and prevention of corrosion - this innovative coating technology provides superior protection and guarantees durable cutting performance
  • Clear user guidance - application material laser marked on each blade for easy and immediate user recognition
  • Precision cutting - the premium steel body (up to HRC46) guaranteed precision and high endurance
  • Highest blade stability and accuracy - thanks to expansion slots in the special rolled in tension ring


  • Diameter: 165 mm
  • Bore Size: 20 mm
  • Teeth: 40
  • Kerf Thickness: 1.7mm

SKU: FRE-F03FS09687

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