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Rivet Guns

Secure and Strengthen Projects with Our Selection of Rivet Guns

Rivet guns are fastening tools used to permanently join metal or other materials using rivets. Rivets are essentially permanent mechanical fasteners with a cylindrical body and a tail. The rivet gun compresses the tail of the rivet, creating a bulbed head on the backside of the material, forming a secure and tamper-proof connection. Rivet guns are used in various applications, including sheet metal work, ductwork, automotive repair, and HVAC systems.

Types of Rivet Guns and Their Uses

There are two main types of rivet guns:

Pop Rivet Guns: These versatile and easy-to-use rivet guns utilise pre-assembled rivets with a hollow mandrel shank. The gun squeezes the rivet shank, drawing the rivet body together to form the permanent joint. The spent mandrel breaks off and is discarded. Pop rivet guns are ideal for general-purpose riveting in sheet metal, cladding, and ductwork.

Nut Riveters (Blind Rivet Guns): These rivet guns are suitable for situations where access is limited to one side of the material being fastened. Nut rivets consist of a threaded body and a mandrel. The gun inserts and expands the nut rivet against the backside of the material, forming a strong and permanent joint. Nut riveters are commonly used in automotive repair, HVAC systems, and container manufacturing.

Choosing the Right Rivet Gun

Selecting the appropriate rivet gun depends on your project requirements and the type of rivets you'll be using:

Riveting Application: Consider whether pop rivets or nut rivets are better suited for your project. Pop rivet guns offer wider application, while nut riveters are ideal for single-sided access situations.

Material Thickness: Choose a rivet gun with capacity for the diameter and length of the rivets you'll be using, ensuring they can penetrate the material thickness effectively.

Power Source: Pop rivet guns are available in manual, electric, and pneumatic options. Manual guns are affordable for light-duty use, while electric and pneumatic models offer greater power for higher-volume riveting tasks.

At Toolstop, we offer a range of high-quality rivet guns from trusted brands like Sealey and Eclipse, including pop rivet guns and nut riveters. Explore our selection to find the perfect rivet gun for your fastening projects!