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Quick Dam QD1224-20 Water Activated Flood Bags 30cm/1ft x 61cm/2ft (Pack of 20)

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Quick Dam QD1224-20 Water Activated Flood Bags 1ft x 2ft (Pack of 20)
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Choose Quick Dam Water Activated Flood Bags for superior flood protection

Discover the ultimate flood protection solution with Quick Dam QD1224-20 Water Activated Flood Bags. These sandless sandbags are a reliable choice for safeguarding your property from flooding and managing water-related challenges. Each bag measures 30cm/1ft x 61cm/2ft, making them compact and easy to store until needed. They can absorb up to 3.3 gallons of water each, ensuring effective flood control. Thanks to their flat, uniform shape, stacking them is a breeze, allowing you to build robust barriers in brick and pyramid formations. They are safe, non-toxic, and non-hazardous, making disposal as simple as tossing them in the trash. They are not intended for use with saltwater. One pallet of 2,880 Flood Bags can replace over 41.7 tons or 92,000 lbs of traditional sandbags, offering a more efficient and eco-friendly flood prevention solution. These water-activated flood bags start absorbing and expanding on contact, growing to 90mm/3.5” high within minutes without the need for additional tools or supplies.

Suitable for:

  • Diverting flood water
  • Control ice melt and gutter runoff
  • Entryways – doors, garages, windows
  • Remove standing water & more


  • Flat uniform shape for easy stacking
  • Available in 61cm/2ft or 1.2m/4ft lengths
  • Safe, nontoxic, nonhazardous and can be disposed of in the trash
  • 1 Pallet of 2,880 Flood Bags replaces over 41.7 Tonne/92,000 lbs of sand
  • Not for use with saltwater
  • Water Activated Flood Bags
  • Absorbs water on contact and grows to 90mm/3.5” high in minutes
  • Contains a super absorbent powder that swells & gels water
  • Contain, control and divert floodwater
  • No additional tools or supplies needed


  • Size: 30cm/1ft x 61cm/2ft
  • Quantity: 20

SKU: QUI-QD1224-20

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