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Quick Dam WUBM-10 Water Activated Drip Mats 61cm/2ft x 61cm/2ft (Pack of 10)

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Quick Dam WUBM-10 Drip Mats (10 Pack)
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Quick Dam Spill Mats absorb leaks and drips with a plastic backing to keep the underside dry

The Quick Dam WUBM-10 is a pack of 10 Water Absorbent Mats measuring 61cm/2ft x 61cm/2ft square. They are used to protect your home and property against leaks and spills, featuring a protective plastic backing that prevents seepage through the other side. They absorb liquids on contact, perfect for placing under leaking sinks, pipes, etc. These Absorbent Mats are compact, lightweight and easy to store. Perfect for the plumbing trade.

Key Uses:

  • Manage leaks, spills, and drips effortlessly
  • Prevent condensation buildup on surfaces
    Place them under leaky equipment for quick resolution
  • Absorbs the equivalent of 1 full roll of kitchen roll
  • Can absorb up to 946ml
  • Maintain a clean and dry work area at job sites
  • Ideal for catching wetness from boots, umbrellas, pets, roof leaks, Christmas trees, pumpkin carving, indoor potted plants, potty training, bedwetting, disposable dish mats, and automotive leaks, among others


  • Absorbent Mats effectively capture leaks, drips, and spills
  • A super-absorbent core locks in fluids to prevent further seepage
  • The plastic backing ensures your floor remains dry and damage-free
  • Suitable for managing various household liquids
  • Available in 61cm/2ft wide x 61cm/2ft, 91cm/3ft, and 1.8m/70in lengths


  • Size: 61cm/2ft x 61cm/2ft square
  • Quantity: 10


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