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Scribe-Master DGPRO Draining Groove PRO Jig + DGSSSF Straight Slot/Straight Fan Template

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Scribe-Master DGPRO Draining Groove PRO Jig + DGSSSF Straight Slot/Straight Fan Template

The Scribe-Master DGPRO package consists of the DGPRO Draining Groove Jig and the DGSSSF Straight Slot/Straight Fan Template. The DGSSSF Template, multi-groove insert, gives the ability to offer different groove patterns. The Scribe-Master DGPRO is a versatile Draining Groove Jig you can use with replaceable design templates & built-in 0.5º fall. The Frame is for routing drainer grooves in solid timber and solid surface worktops. Made from 12mm hardwearing CNC machined phenolic. X and Y-axis ski and carriage allow forward and back, and side-to-side movement. 

Scribe-Master are the UK’s number-one name in Woodworking Jigs manufacturing high-quality jigs for major companies in the woodworking industry for the last eight years. ‘You might not have heard the name, but you will have seen our jigs’.

DGPRO Features:

  • Compact Laminate Frame with built in 0.5º fall
  • Free-flowing X / Y axis carriage, allowing back and forth/up & down movement along the skids
  • The router base accepts standard 30 mm guide bush
  • The carriage can be locked for parallel groove routing when standard drainer grooves are required
  • Outer Skids have index holes every 50 mm to restrict the length of grooves, come supplied with two index pins
  • 2 reversal insert templates are available for multiple designs and effects.
  • Use with carriage to produce a standard flat drainer with built-in 0.5º fall or use with template & not the carriage for unlimited designs

DGSSSF Features:

  • With Flex-Tech to prevent bowing and improve accuracy
  • Made from 12mm hardwearing CNC machined Compact Grade High Pressure Laminate
  • Requires suitable plunge router with 30mm guide bush and R9.5mm cove cutter with long shank
  • Must be used with the DG PLUS/PRO jig frame to maintain 0.5 degree fall



  • Fall: 0.5 degree
  • Groove length: 447 mm
  • X-axis: 447 mm
  • Y-axis: 415 mm
  • Length: 600 mm
  • Height: 600 mm
  • Width: 12 mm
  • Weight: 4kg
  • Jig Requirements:
  • Guide bush: 30 mm
  • Plunge router: 1/2-inch
  • Cutter Cove: R9.5 mm
  • Weight: 5kg


  • Pitch - 45 mm to 75 mm
  • Groove length - 438 mm
  • Guide bush - 30 mm
  • Plunge router - 1/2-inch
  • Cutter - Cove R9.5 mm
  • Length - 500 mm
  • Width - 500 mm
  • Thickness - 12 mm


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