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UltraGrime Pro 5930 Anti-Bac XXL+ Clothwipes (100 Pack x 6 in CDU)

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UltraGrime Pro 5930 Anti-Bac XXL+ Clothwipes (100 Pack x 6 in CDU)
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UltraGrime Pro 5930 Anti-Bac XXL+ Clothwipes kill 99.999% bacteria

This is a Rip Top Display Box containing 6 Packs of 100 XXL+ UltraGrime Pro Anti-Bac Clothwipes. When you need to fight germs in dirty environments, UltraGrime Anti-Bac Clothwipes pack the punch you need. Bigger, wetter and stronger than standard wipes, the medical grade testing ensures you can keep safe from bacteria and enveloped viruses – giving you peace of mind on the dirtiest jobs. Keep germ-free with these XXL+ Clothwipes that will fight and kill 99.999% of bacteria, and enveloped viruses including Norovirus, Influenza A (H1N1), Sars-Cov-2 and coronaviruses. Use these on your tools, in your vehicle, at work or home and on any surface that you need germ and dirt-free. Due to the massive size and special absorbent capacity, these wipes make tough clean-up jobs quick and easy. The beauty is in the cloth-like feel and form that won’t rip or deteriorate during use. Plus, these wipes stay wetter and usable for longer than any other wipe, so you can go from one mess to the next with ease. Forget about costly cleansing solutions and sprays with paper towels and go for the wipes made to do it all. Perfect for: Decorators, Plumbers, Mechanics, Electricians, Flooring Fitters, Builders, Window Fitters, Care & Hospital, Social Housing, Catering, Emergency Services, Farmers, Office & Education…and so many more!


  • 100 XXL+ Clothwipes – 38cm x 25cm. Double the size of standard wipes
  • Dual action cleaner and disinfectant for all surfaces
  • Stays wet and usable for over 60 minutes – not 5-10 minutes like other wipes
  • Don’t dry out when the lid is left open for days
  • Flexible, recyclable packaging for less waste
  • Hand-safe & safe to use on all surfaces- no harmful chemicals
  • Alcohol-Free, Gentle on Surfaces
  • Dispenses one wipe at a time
  • Eliminates cross-contamination
  • Large absorbency capacity


  • Part Number: ​5930
  • Wipe Size: 38cm x 25 cm
  • Quantity: 600 (100 Pack x 6)


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