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A Powerful Pairing: Makita LXT202 18v Cordless 2 Piece Kit

Posted by Toolstop on 21st Dec 2010

Some pairings, when put together, equal power, consistency and stamina. From Wild West bank robbers, to comedic geniuses, to lithium ion powered 18v power tools, sometimes they go better in pairs.

Neil and I got our hands on Makita's 18v pair recently, and boy, what a pair they are. From the BHP451Z's enormous torque (across a mere 16 stages) powered by its 3-speed motor to the BTD140Z's relentlessly powerful 145nM of torque and 15 minute-to-80%-capacity battery charge time, we're talking about seriously professional power tools.

Each individual in a duo has his role to play; he brings his own unique signature, whether it's being the put upon straight man or the eager-to-please scoundrel with a love of dynamite. This is what makes a pairing so compelling, seeing how the two elements combine together to produce something that's timelessly enduring.

Makita LXT202's pairing is no different. Each of the tools brings something special and unique to the blue-ish green carry case. Whether it's the BTD140Z's propensity to make short work of hundreds of square meters of metal fascia fastenings, for example, or the BHP451Z's ability to drill hundreds of 16mm holes in masonry, one after another, you've got a powerful pairing that you'll struggle to not want to have at your side.

Of course, like any duo, there's always a foil. Someone in seems, at first, to be  bit part player, a Gareth to Gervais's Brent, but who, in reality, draws out the very best that the players in the duo have to offer.

In the Makita LXT202's case it has to be the batteries. After all, what use is an overall head length of 145mm on the BTD140Z or the BHP451Z's ability to drill holes up to 65mm in wood when they don't have any juice powering their motors?

The Makita LXT202 ships with two 3Ah lithium-ion batteries that are engineered to consistently delivery the energy needed by our power pairing to do the jobs you need them to do.

Recharge time is ridiculous; 22 minutes via the supplied charger. Makita boasts that it's lithium-ion units are 40% lighter, have 2000+ cycles and 430% more run time.

Just think about the amount of work you'll be able to blast through on a cold and frosty morning, allowing you to get to that all important 11am coffee break, where you can recharge your own and the LXT202's batteries at the same time.

Of course, the true test of a powerful pairing is whether they stand the test of time, whether they have the legacy effect. We'll leave you to judge for yourself whether Makita's LXT202 18v cordless 2 piece kit will, but with Makita's reputation in the professional power tool market, we think the odds may just be stacked in their favour.

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