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Bosch ATX 25 D Garden Shredder – the Perfect Mulching Tool

Posted by Toolstop on 3rd Apr 2017


It’s now the time of year where those of us with gardens are looking for the cleanest, quickest and easiest ways to tidy them up in preparation for the Great British Summer!

In this guide, we’ll look at Bosch’s amazing 2500W “cut and crush” drum shredder, the AXT 25 D. Click here to see our best price.

We asked our pal Eric from Bosch to unbox the ATX 25 D and run us through all of the spec, the features, and the benefits. Watch our video overview on Toolstop TV.

Bosch ATX 25 D – What’s the Cutting Capacities

Within the machine is a powerful drum system which both cuts and crushes the branches you feed into it. The 2500W motor turns the drum at a relatively slow 41prm. However, the 650Nm of torque applied to the branches allows the blades to cut through them with ease, with the added “crush”.

Bosch AXT 25 D 2500 W Electric Shredder 240 Volt

This cut and crush method creates nice little segments of cut and squeezed wooden pellets which are easier to load into bags for recycling, and even better for composting as the act of crushing the wood opens it up for the necessary bacteria to take hold.

Bosch AXT 25 D 2500 W Electric Shredder 240 VoltBosch ATX 25 D – What’s It Good For

As seen in our video, it’s perfect for dealing with the cuttings from pruned back shrubbery or even tree branches, up to 40mm in diameter.

The motor is operated via a green and a red button; one for go, the other to stop! There’s also an amber button which will reverse the motor momentarily to aid with processing tougher material.

Bosch AXT 25 D 2500 W Electric Shredder 240 Volt

Bosch ATX 25 D – What Are the Safety Features

Obviously with any sort of garden shredder you expect to see safety features in place to prevent the unit accidentally being turned on, fingers ending up near the drum etc.

Supplied with the kit is a red plunger which can be used to force leafy components into the hopper. And the hopper itself, along with the waste bucket, feature a mechanism that alerts the machine to them being in position. They have to be positively engaged before the motor is activated.

We reckon the Bosch ATX 25 D is a must-have tool for anyone looking to keep their garden in tip-top shape, avoid annoying trips to the dump or who want to turn prunings into great compost material. You can see all the details and our best price by clicking/tapping here.

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